Weird Summer Weather

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Summer this year in Kansas has been really strange. I can’t remember a summer, in recent history, that it’s been this muggy. Normally by August, in Kansas, the grass  is dormant and has turned brown. Not this year.

It seems like it’s raining every other day,  which is very unusual for Kansas in July and early August. Plus the temperatures have been very extreme. It’s not that there’s that many days over 100° so far, but with the humidity, every day the heat index of well over 100.

It makes for  stressful riding. Yesterday I went out for two 45 mile rides. Joseph rode over from Lawrence and my brother and I rode him some of the way back. I kind of fell apart after halfway, I had to sit on Kris most the way back.

We got back around 4, so we had an hour and a half till the next ride.   I drank a ton, but still started the next ride 3 pounds light. I wasn’t planning on going the whole way, but felt okay and decided to keep going. The pace was pretty brisk, and we finished hard. We had nearly 21 mile an hour average at the finish sprint. It’s funny, then I’d feel better after 90 miles in the heat than I did after 20. But I never really felt good.

Enough of this heat training. I’m bugging out for Colorado today. The highs in the mountains are supposed to be only in the upper 60’s with the lows in the 50’s and upper 40’s.  I bet it seems cold.  I’m OK with that.


The Flint Hills are still green.

The Flint Hills are still green.

The cats, who normally live heat, have been hanging out inside in the air conditioning.

The cats, who normally love heat, have been hanging out inside in the air conditioning.

Tucker in another weird sleeping/driving position.

Tucker in another weird sleeping/driving position.






12 thoughts on “Weird Summer Weather

  1. Jim

    Now correct me if I get this wrong but you felt like crap after 45 miles. In fact you felt bad enough that you had to sit on to complete the ride.
    Now, what made you think that another 45 miles was a good idea? The weather, by what you wrote, was overly hot and humid and you were under-hydrated.
    What could possibly have made this sound like an intelligent idea?

  2. numbnuts

    up north (75 degree mark) its been warm (30oC 86oF) every day for the past 2 months. Hardly any rain, it typically rains once a week up here as the jet stream comes down from the far north at least once a week.
    Fantastic weather we’ve been having. Esp that winter was a btch (lots of -20oC days and snow every other day)… thus, consider driving north. Fantastic weather for the summer, but winter is a btch (brutal).

  3. Mike crum

    Jesse, Steve will get on his blog and bitch how he’s in a funk and sick and dosent feel good. Lol… He’s a good racer, but not smart at all as far as resting his body. He’s usually on here a few times a year asking for advice when he’s been sick for the 10th time in a year, but he won’t take the advice all his followers give him.. Lol

  4. jpete

    And Mike Crum will be on here everyday making the same statement about Steve’s unwillingness to change, to no avail, therefore forever trapped in his inability to just let it go. Wake up, check, see what Steve posts, check, point out Steve’s idiosyncrasies, check. Wash, rinse, repeat the next day. I suppose it’s a nice little routine, if that’s what your into – going on people’s blogs and pointing out what you see as their flaws every day. Mike could just cut and paste his response from today into tomorrow’s blog, but maybe that would feel less engaging. Ironic, that he seems to get a fair amount of negative feedback, yet is unwilling to change. We’ll all be waiting for tomorrow’s installment with great anticipation.

  5. Wheel Man

    Let’s do it for Mike….so he can take a rant day off tomorrow
    “Steve will get on his blog and bitch how he’s in a funk and sick and dosent feel good. ……BMC…….OCH……hypocrite ……should know better……doesn’t listen….”
    see it’s easy and anyone can do it!

  6. Larry T

    Weird weather? How many years now have the climate scientists been warning us about the f__ked up climate we’re creating? Yeah, I know, it’s all a hoax cooked up by Al Gore and/or the Chinese, just like the moon landing. None of us will be alive to have beachfront property in Kansas…but someone will “enjoy” it.

  7. BIll Stevenson

    I am waiting with breathless anticipation for Steve to share his opinion on Lizzie.

  8. Krakatoa East of Java

    Dude, change happens. If you’re expecting the same weather you always experienced during your childhood, you picked the wrong planet to live on. I’m sure if we had colder-than-normal weather (IE, global COOLING) happening, the tin-hats would be finding ways to blame earth’s human inhabitants as well.

    We’re along for the ride. The planet is pretty damn big compared to us, and we are but a mere spec on the ass of this flea.


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