Vandalism – A Learning Experience

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Topeka isn’t the least crime city in America.  Far from it.  I don’t know if it has more crime than the average US city, but it seems like it does.  A couple days ago, some dick threw a concrete statue threw the side quarter glass on the diesel van.  I guess just for fun.

Keith Walberg drove by and texted me that he saw the window blown out.  I thought it was going to be pretty expensive to get it fixed.  As it turned out, it wasn’t too bad.

I bought a replacement window at a local salvage yard for $85.  I called around and it was around $100 to get it installed.  But after looking at the replacement glass, I realized that I could do it myself.

The window attached with a bunch of nuts attached to bolt, connected to the rubber seal around the glass.  I just needed to remove the old piece, clean up the urethane, then reseal the window back on.  I took a couple hours, but it was rewarding.  The urethane is pretty messy.  It stays elastic forever.  The stuff I took off was 17 years old and still sticky.

Of course I don’t like guys throwing stuff threw my car windows, but I did learn something and felt pretty good about doing the project, so maybe it was a wash.   If it happens again, I already know how to do it, so I’d probably not be so content because the learning experience has already occurred?  Hopefully I don’t find out the answer to that dilemma.

Pretty good throw, really.

Pretty good throw, really.

Glass removed.

Glass removed.

New window.

New window.



3M urethan adhesive.

3M urethane adhesive.



Tucker ate a bowl full of watermelon yesterday.  He dropped the first piece on the floor, then ate the rest and came back for the initial piece.  I've never had a dog that would eat so much weird stuff as he does.

Tucker ate a bowl full of watermelon yesterday. He dropped the first piece on the floor, then ate the rest and came back for the initial piece. I’ve never had a dog that would eat so much weird stuff as he does.


19 thoughts on “Vandalism – A Learning Experience

  1. Tom Purvis

    I had a dog who would eat as many sugar snap peas as you would give her. She would take them one at a time, carry them away and slowly eat then come back asking for another. She would also eat carrots and apple cores with gusto.

    My current dog is MUCH more picky.

  2. barb

    At one of our local trailheads, there is a “smash and grab” thing going on. It might have been they wanted to see if anything valuable was in the back, to grab, the throw went awry (only a hole at the top, couldn’t see in – whatever) so they did the “smash” part and not the grab part. Could’ve also been scared away mid-theft attempt. Who knows. It’s really irksome but really cool you can do a lot of your own work. Glad it wasn’t too $$ traumatic.

  3. old and slow

    They set up a sting and busted a whole trailhead smash and grab crime family in Boulder County a few years back. (The Sheriff used a Subaru wagon as bait too…..)

    Then the ringleader got 20 years in the iron bar suite and the two lieutenants each got six. Three or four more got jail time. Sending a clear message about trailhead theft in this state I suppose? Certainly bad for business here.

    Their relatives were all over the “comments” section (since removed from the Daily Camera,) screaming racism after the sentences were handed down.

  4. Ted

    Put that statute on CL – sure someone would know someone who owned it (sure it was stolen).
    They’d be happy to get it back – at least one good deed would result.

  5. William M. deRosset

    Dear Steve,

    Coyotes get into watermelon patches, and I have met many dogs who are into it, including my current pup, who is a fairly selective eater.

    William M deRosset

  6. Mark

    I almost have to believe that this may have been something personal? Just seems a little too coincidental that a statue of a kid with his dog was used to bust out your window? Also, if theft was a motive why on earth would someone pick “that” window where one would have to literally scale the side of the van to gain entry?

  7. KrakatoaEastofJava

    So, Lizzie gets dinged for a missed test and completely fucking ignores it. Strike one (“I’ve got one more before I get in trouble!”).

    Then she gets dinged for a second missed test. She completely fucking ignores IT.

    Then she gets dinged A-GAIN (and we’re talking the world champ here!). She gets suspended, and then British Cycling ponies-up to pay for her COMPLETELY LAME defense. All of which takes place in complete SECRECY.

    I read a quote from a former British gold medalist (rowing) to the effect of

    “Would she have been given this break if she’d been a Russian?”

    I think not.

  8. Bobby

    As a reformed delinquent who pumped the brakes at property destruction, I can say with certainty that there’s a 99.99% chance that this was the work of a group of newly minted drivers.

    One of them grabbed that statue off someone’s porch and put it through your van’s window once they realized they needed to do something with it since they couldn’t exactly bring it home to home.

    Post a photo on craigslist or put up some flyers in your neighborhood. Someone nearby will claim it for sure.

  9. Mike crum

    If this happened at your house, Install a few security cameras in the front and back of your house.

  10. conrad

    Wonder if it is coincidence that cookson is UCI prez and Sky looking like the Postal squad too . These people might be playing by a different set of “rules”


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