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I wrote a post about what Chris Froome did after the Tour.  A recap, he flew to England, then back to Belgium and raced on Monday, extending the race another day.  Then he did the Ride London 200 km race yesterday and is now flying to Rio to try to win a medal at the Olympics.

Here is a photo of Tejay, showing what he is doing after his disappointing Tour.  Maybe Tejay is going to try to sneak in a start with Peter Sagan in the Olympic MTB race?  Pretty disappointing photo all around.

At least there is some good news as Ryder Hesjedal is retiring.

Tour of Utah is going on live this morning if you need something to do for a bit.

Can you believe it is August already?


Tucker is a great dog.

Tucker is a great dog.

30 thoughts on “Post Tour Schedules

  1. Craig

    My theory is that if you are going to play with the big dopers … er dogs … that you should learn a trick or two. If TJ is going to at least learn how to do the juice from these guys he really should avoid being around them!!!

  2. Darkcloud

    You’d think that he’d at least not wear his sponsors clothing when sociializing with admitted dopers. What a dumbass.

  3. bw

    Don’t know and can’t vouch for the three clowns on bikes – but Tucker the Dog is majestic!

  4. bob

    I think it’s time to quit beating this dead horse.

    Doping has always been in cycling, always will be.

    If you think a clean Froome just got his 3rd TDF without breaking a sweat (Lemond doesn’t), you’re a moron.

    Lance’s only crime relative to the rest of the protour peleton is being a colossal asshole.

  5. patrick harkins

    bob-i think i understand your point of view. after all these years it seems hard to imagine a clean-or even cleaner-sport, especially in the sky/froome era. but i still hope for that, and it’s one of the many reasons i keep reading steve’s blog. steve-thank you for continuing to write about this and everything else here. please continue to ‘beat the dead horse’ and call ’em like you see ’em.

  6. dan

    sweet! now are you going to do a write up of Tejay’s bad transfusion from last year’s tour? no other way he could have imploded that horribly otherwise

  7. L

    Two things:
    1. dollars to doughnuts Lance and George are faster than TVG up every hill.
    2. This picture screams “Ochowicz” at me….the fact that he’s still in the sport is a shame.

  8. The Cyclist

    The king, the super domestique and the wannabe heir of the US Cycling throne. All in one picture. Great shot there. Who’s holding the camera? That’s the big question.

  9. Krakatoa East of Java

    TourOfUtah… Start time SIX FIFTY FIVE A.M.

    I just followed Steve’s link out of curiosity and found myself watching the last 4KM, and it’s not even 11AM. They start things EARLY over in Utah. I suppose for the Euro followers?

  10. mark

    I guess this explains why Richie Porte is the top guy on BMC and TVG just isn’t. TVG should just stay in the States and pal around with these guys for a while. That seems to be the what he’s willing to commit to right now.

  11. James

    Well said Mary…and all you haters out there, time to bury that old, dead, beaten horse

  12. Bill Stevenson

    Seeing that photo reminds me of the scene in “Goodfella’s” when Ray Liotta is introducing the crew of gangsters in the bar:
    “You got Pete the Killer, Sally Balls, Frank the Wop (apologies) Jimmy two-times and Lance, Hincapie and TVG”.

    They would fit right in with those other thieves. They even have the same smug grins.

  13. Joann Rizkallah

    Fantastic photo of Tucker!! I am the one who breed him and owns his mother. We just had another litter! May I use this photo of tucker? Thanks for posting photo’s, I check on him all the time! So glad you guys love him! Joann R.


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