2016 RideLondon-Surrey Classic Live

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England has really transformed to bicycle friendly since the dominance of the Sky guys at the Tour the past 5 years.  Chris Froome is racing this morning.  The race was stopped 47km in because they were catching up with the Tour, which has 10’s of thousand participates.  There are a lot of link to the race. The live streaming was supposed to start at 9:30 CST, but since the race was held up, they seem to be behind.  I’m sure they will start the streaming soon, so pick one and sit back and enjoy.   Links to race.



Rainy morning at Starbucks in Topeka. It is clearing though and we have a ride scheduled for noon.


7 thoughts on “2016 RideLondon-Surrey Classic Live

  1. Mike crum

    Steve, re the innovations from the past 20 + years. The wheels that are deep dish , snd less that 28-32 spokes, and aero only work if u also have the best skin suit, aero helmet, perfect position and don’t come up out of the aero position for water, stretch , or whatever. U do , those the 2000 k wheels mean nothing . And this info is coming from Michael Hutchinson who knows a bit about speed and being aero. In a road race , 32 spokes or the 2k wheels are virtually the same as most of the time ur drafting. I seen pros on 32 spokes blow away the other pros on the “aero wheels”. Only time Michael ,and I agree with him, is if u do buy the $$$$$ wheels u better also buy the other stuff like helmet clothes and don’t even think about moving out of ur TT position. Once u do u lost your time and $$$ on all that expensive equipment.. I totally agree with Michael Hutchinson.

  2. Jake

    That’s only true if all you do is sit in the pack. Have you ever raced? Your comments make it obvious that you’re either really new to this or have never actually raced. If everything (helmet, skin suit, position, etc) stays the same and you add aero wheels it saves more watts than any other singular change.

  3. Paul Boudreaux

    Good to see Boonen get the win. He’ll win Flanders and Roubaix next year. Then hang ’em up and drink copious amounts of great Belgian beer and enjoy life. He’s too big to race cars. Between Sagan’s bunny hop and the 4 man on the limit brawl to the line, Roubaix was the best race of the year.


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