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I’ve been doing some stuff I haven’t done in quite a while.  Not Earth shattering things, just little things, things I’ve not thought of doing or have don’t do anymore.

One is walking barefoot.  I had meaning to walk barefoot more.  When I was a kid, I pretty much never wore shoes in the summer.  Sometimes when we were going somewhere I needed shoes, it took me a long time just finding them.

Anyway, I quit going barefoot when I started racing bikes seriously.  I didn’t want to cut up my feet so I couldn’t compete.  Now I think I need to reconnect to the ground some.  I read somewhere that Sven Tuft runs barefoot on trails during the season.  That in itself was enough to give me the go ahead to do it.

So, yesterday, walking Tucker at the Park, I took off my shoes and did the whole walk barefoot. It wasn’t as foreign as it was to Richard Gere in the park scene of Pretty Woman, but it was a challenge.  The park is riddled with mole trails, so the ground is pretty lumpy.  It is going to take a couple weeks before I can walk comfortable I think.

I also went swimming.  After Rich from BMC left, I went for another hour ride, since it was so hot out and I’m trying to get used to the heat.  Then the Walberg’s, Bill and I went swimming at the Topeka Country Club.  I used to swim there when I was a kid.

The pool has been rebuilt since the last time I swam there, but some of it is the same.  When I was there, they have two diving boards, a 1 meter, then a 3 meter.  They took the higher dive down, probably because of legal concerns, which sucks.  I haven’t tried to dive in a real long time.

When I was a kid I could do a front and back flip by the time I was 4 or 5.  I wasn’t the prettiest diver, but could manage to do the maneuvers.   Yesterday, I did a couple flips.  I finally did a few front 1 1/2’s.  It wasn’t pretty, but I could in head first without belly flopping.  It is weird thinking I was doing the same flips 50 years later from the same diving board.

I started taking antibiotics yesterday.  I had a root canal done a week ago and was trying to avoid them.  But as my dentist says, the mouth isn’t the cleanest place in the world.  I’ve only take 3 know and it already feels better.  We’ll see how I feel riding now.  Usually antibiotics destroy me, but I’m going to stay cautiously optimistic.    I know that isn’t going to change it, but I can’t be worrying about it now.

I registered for the Elite National Road Race next Friday in Louisville.  The criterium was closed.  Shit.  I was put on a waitlist.  One I can’t seem to find anywhere on the USAC website.  Seems like there is a better way for registration than a first come first serve deal for Nationals.  I don’t really see why the field limit is 100 riders either.  At Joe Martin or Northstar, etc. the criteriums at those stage races are way, way more.  Seems like a more reasonable number would be 150. Last time I checked, I was ranked in the top 10 in the country in Cat 1 criterium rankings.  But it seems, the USAC website is down this morning.  Pretty bad day for that since it is the last day you can register for Nationals.  Seems to me there should be some qualification guidelines instead of just the first guys to register.  The professional criterium allows all professionals, but any elite riders on a USAC registered elite team.  Crazy random rules.

Trudi is at the Swiss National Road Championships today, then she is flying back from France tomorrow.  Her ticket is to Louisville, since she was supposed to work the Nationals next week with the BMC development team.  That isn’t happening since nearly all the American guys on the team aren’t going.  But, she still gets 12 days back here in the US, so she is taking the flight.

Okay, we’re riding gravel today at 11.  It is supposed to be steamy hot.  Not so crazy hot, lower 90’s, but super humid.  I can’t say I am getting used to it yet.  Maybe I’ll feel better today.

Bill, Catherine and Rich after the ride yesterday.

Bill, Catherine and Rich after the ride yesterday.

No many people swimming last night. Diving boards way back.

No many people swimming last night. Diving boards way back.

We had dinner at the Walberg's last night. It was nice sitting outside, although a bit hot.

We had dinner at the Walberg’s last night. It was nice sitting outside, although a bit hot.

Tucker likes their backyard. It is pretty expansive.

Tucker likes their backyard. It is pretty expansive.

My feet are a little white from no sun. That is going to change.

My feet are a little white from no sun. That is going to change.

Program from today's Swiss National Road Championships.

Program from today’s Swiss National Road Championships.

Tucker doesn't like the heat much yet either.

Tucker doesn’t like the heat much yet either.



17 thoughts on “Wanderings

  1. Shano

    Back when I still surfed 3x a day I was often barefoot. SoCal is so full of broken glass now that it would be foolish to do that again. I sure don’t remember it being so bad when I was a kid. Next time you roll up La Jolla Shores Drive check out all the broken car glass on the street, it sparkles like diamonds in the headlights at night

  2. Jim

    “Now I think I need to reconnect to the ground some.”

    Could you explain why you feel this “need”.
    Personally I think it is plain stupid but you might actually have a reason that makes sense.

    “I read somewhere that Sven Tuft runs barefoot on trails during the season. That in itself was enough to give me the go ahead to do it.”

    Again, please explain why you feel the need to be a “follower”?? Is he able to leap tall buildings in a single bound? What difference does it make what Sven Tuft does? Will it help you win a parking lot crit or something?

  3. James

    Welcome to the world of mere mortals where one must plan the racing schedule & get registered way in advance. And if something gets in the way before race day…tough luck.

    Tucker has no opinion on the heat btw, he’s all zen.

  4. mike crum

    steve, i dont think at joe martin they will let in 200 racers cause the rule is 150. and the rule is for 100 at the crit nationals, so they wont let in 150.. pretty simple … once again, you being super unorganised is showing here… all your free time you should have be the first to register..its only the biggest race of the year you’re missing out on.. rated 1st or 20th in the nation means nothing if you’re not registered..black and white… maybe the organizers will show a litte gray and let you in, but black and white is how things should be done..i dont get it.. reading this blog i should have kept tract of all the times your running late and forgot things..and no, im not a troll.. thse are facts…

  5. sillypuddy

    Yeah steve, why Dont u plan ahead. I bash triathletes all the time. But at least they have their credit card in hand when it’s time 2 pay. Don’t try to weasel your way in with your celebrity. The rules r rules. Im starting to wander if u really wanna race anymore. If a junior were to do this he would b told to find anouther sport. Back to NADCAR.
    Sillypuddy OUT!

  6. Steve Tilford Post author

    Hey Mike-Why don’t you show me the rule in the USAC rulebook that says the field limit for Elite Criterium Nationals is 100 riders? There isn’t one.

    I’m not sure about how many Cat 1’s there are here in the US. Probably close to 1000. Maybe more or less. So, if we’re using the hypothetical 1000 number, 10% get to race Criterium Nationals. So, we could theoretically have the 900th to 1000th best riders competing for the jersey if they happen to be the first ones to enter. Do we want the 900th best criterium rider in the country being the National Champion? There should be a qualification procedure other than entering first.

    And Nationals isn’t the biggest race of the year for me. Not even close. USAC has made the National Road Championships a 2nd class event over the years. Both for professionals and, for sure, elite riders. Can you name the guy that won last year? How about anyone the last 5 years without looking them up?

    I happen to be going there because that is where Trudi is flying back to.

    Mike, do you think the world works black and white? A black and white world is way less correct than one with gray areas.

  7. mike crum

    dude, thats what u just said in your post. the crit is for 100 riders.. so if you aint registered, you dont race.. how much more simple can it be…i’d like to hear your thought on what if all 1000 guys register? then what?? who races? quit bitching about it and just do the time trial. rules are rules…

  8. sillypuddy

    Steve u r right. Crum, copy the rule from the USAC website and post it. There r rules for local races that r different. But those obviously dont apply.
    I’ll. Pop a Nati-Lite while wr wait.
    Sillypuddy OUT!

  9. Fausto

    To your point Steve, I don’t think the governing body cares who shows up or wins they still get paid. If they wanted it to be a race to crown the best they would only invite the top 100-150 riders in the country. Old days, you had to qualify to ride a national.
    How come Trudi is not working the TDF? I figured all hands on deck for the big show.

  10. Steve Tilford Post author

    Fausto-Trudi has been at a training camp with the Tour guys for the past two weeks in France. There was a slot open for the Tour, but she already had a bunch of races scheduled, plus she wanted to come back to the US for 10 days, so Spanish girl is going. It isn’t as glamourous as it seems. But, the Tour is the Tour.

  11. dave

    Maybe USAC is keeping Steve out of “elite” nationals because … it should be for AMATUERS. You are a pro aren’t you Steve? Or, if “pros” are allowed in, maybe it’s because you have to LOOK like a pro and be clean-cut and not all raggedy, hippie-like! Hint, hint.

  12. Sean YD

    Page 27 of the USA Cycling rulebook has the applicable rule regarding field limits. (The technical guide for the national championships has a live link directly to the rulebook.)

    1H5. Maximum Field
    Entries shall be accepted in order of receipt by the Race Director up to the field limit,
    and subsequent entries shall be returned. The maximum field limit in any youth race
    shall be 50. For massed start road events (road races, circuit races, criteriums) the field limit for an event that includes category 5 or cat 4 women shall be 75.

    For other massed start road events and cyclo-cross events, if no field limit is given in the official race announcement, a field limit of 100 shall be used. For criterium and cyclo-cross events with multiple fields on the course, any field limit is applied to the total number of riders on the course unless stated otherwise in the race flyer.


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