10 thoughts on “Huge Crash

  1. Manuel

    The guy on the white bike at the back, somehow loses his chain right before the crash…weird…

  2. Shano

    Awful… This is why I cower in the margins, at least there’s some possibility of escape when shit goes sideways

  3. Bill K

    That’s not so bad. There was a bad pack crash 15 years ago at Masters Nat’s in Indiana, where 25+ riders went down at 35mph, a few miles from the start of the road race. I landed on some guys bike and broke his top and down tube (steel frame)….It was a long drive home.

  4. Redzinger

    After seeing shit like this and recalling what happened to Stig Broeckx this year, I have been thinking to myself: “what a stupid fucking sport.” This is coming from someone who’s done 100s of races in the 1980s and 1990s. Way too dangerous these days and filled with choads.

  5. Uff da

    Unfortunately, I saw this video a few hours after it happened. During a slow point of marshaling the next stage I got an accounting of the aftermath from a couple of EMT’s. Only notable because reference to your handling clinic during the rain and crash filled St Paul crit (2007?) was the only other time in memory the medical personnel had been so overburdened during this race.

    To add a little to the video. I believe this occurred less than 10 miles from the roll out at between 40-45 mph. Resulting in at least a quarter of the peloton on the ground.

  6. Mr. De Facto

    Was there… I came to a complete stop only to have a dude avoided me from behind going like 30mph hit straight into the group. Stupid.


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