Rainy Kansas

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I drove from Winona back to Topeka last night, trying to make it in time for a ride.  But it was raining when I got back.  This morning the TradeWind Energy team is supposed to be doing our annual school talk/giveaway at a local Lawrence elementary school, but it is raining again/still.  I’m not sure how that is going to work.  We might be inside?

Anyway, I looked at the forecast and 5 out of the next 7 days it is supposed to rain.  Guess that is normal for May.  Thought it was April showers bring May flowers?

We only get around 35 inches of rain a year total, but it usually comes in big dumps.  Not the 1/8 of an inch Seattle or Portland gets.  I love spring thunderstorms, they really cleans the air.

I’m still planning on going to Lake Wilson tomorrow to race MTB on Sunday.  The course is technical enough that it deserves as much pre-riding as possible, but that sometimes just wears you out.

I’m not sure what I’m doing next weekend for Memorial Day.  Trudi is going to Winston-Salem after Tour of California and wants me to bring Tucker down there.  Then there are lots of race options here, with Quad Cities being the norm, then a MTB race, The Growler, in Gunnison that Vincent is doing, and also another Flyover Series race in Minneapolis.

Okay, I have to get going.  I hate these early morning deals.  I’m not really a morning guy until I have to be one.  Then I sort of enjoy it.


Tucker seemed all legs yesterday in a corn field in Central Iowa we stopped at. He likes chasing birds some to stretch his legs.

Tucker seemed all legs yesterday in a corn field in Central Iowa we stopped at. He likes chasing birds some to stretch his legs.

5 thoughts on “Rainy Kansas

  1. sillypuddy

    I like that last picture of Tucker running across the farm. He’s gotta nice ass. I’m just saying, if he’s not doing anything later maybe u could drop’em off.

  2. jinglenuts

    curious to know – you folks being threatened by water shortages or fires? we had a huge fire 400000 hectors lost to fire up here (Fort McMurray tar sands)

  3. mike crum

    so, its that time of year again.. time to go to the local school and hand out helmets and speak to a few classes.. please tell me what else you do for cycling??? your followers say u do a lot for cycling, but reading your blog daily, all i see are race reports and personal travel stuff. do you put on a summer tt series? a crit series? a few road races? what am i missing your followers say you do for cycling? i dont care at all what you do for the sport, but when i questioned you the last 2 years on this your followers hammered me, but i read nothing on what you do.. just curious..

  4. Steve Tilford Post author

    mike-Are you made at me or dislike me for some reason. It seems most of your comments are pretty negative towards me. I just post what I do here. My thoughts and some of the things I do. I’m not so sure why you seem to get so upset about what you think I should/don’t do.

  5. dave

    C’mon mike , give the ‘ol farmboy a break. How well will you be doing at 56 ? Go make a visit to Topeka and share a ride or two with Steve. It might change your mind.


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