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The last few days have been pretty great, but I need to get moving.  I really haven’t had much downtime in a little while.  I took a couple naps here in Wisconsin, but still don’t think I’ve caught up with the racing, plus all the driving I’ve been doing recently.

I am driving back to Kansas today.  It is around 8 hours depending on how I go.  I had a little bit of a dental emergency and am going to my guy in Winona, but it’s only a couple hours out of the way. I’m home in my own bed tonight.

Riding with these guys from Steamboat has been a blast.  A big change for me.  I usually ride only with guys that race or have raced a ton.  These guys just love to ride their bikes.  Not that they can’t go fast.  Kent Eriksen is incredible.  He is a genetic freak really.  He has probably ridden less than 500 miles for the year and I rode nearly 70 miles with him yesterday and he was super strong.  It was his birthday, BTW.

We rode up North of Westby to a rail trail and did a long tunnel.  I think it is the Sparta Trail. Kent said it is the oldest rail trail in the US and so does Wiki.  It originated in 1967.  We only rode it for less than 5 miles, but the tunnel was crazy.  Long, cold and wet.  I didn’t have any lights and it was a little iffy riding.  (It says to walk, which would have taken a long time.)

The riding around here just get better and better.  I love the Amish farms.  I would like to come back and visit a few.  The furniture ones in particular.

Friday morning I’m meeting up with my TradeWind Energy team mates and doing a local school visit in North Lawrence.  We’ve done this the last 2 years.  Then I’m heading to Lake Wison to race off-road on Sunday.  Kind of busy.

The Tour of California has been pretty good the last couple days.  I liked the finish on Laguna Seca since I’ve raced there so many times.

Okay, sorry for the boring update, but that is just what I’m doing right now.

Birthday boy and Katie last night at the Driftless Cafe.

Birthday boy and Katie last night at the Driftless Cafe.

Katie heading into the tunnel.

Katie heading into the tunnel.

Dennis and Katie on the rail trail.

Dennis and Katie on the rail trail.

Kent riding the out of the tunnel.  He first rode this in 1971.  Pretty cool.

Kent riding the out of the tunnel. He first rode this in 1971. Pretty cool.

An Amish lumberyard.

An Amish lumberyard.

Tucker is all legs chasing bird in an Iowa corn field this afternoon. 

12 thoughts on “Back to Kansas

  1. jinglenuts

    love the Amish culture… When I used to race 100milers ( we used to go through all sorts of Amish communities, so simple, so kind, and so much synergy in those communities. Unlike other American cities where people just sit inside all day and push a button to get things done. We have a lot to learn from the Amish culture… been around for centuries. Love it..

  2. Bill K

    I did that Elroy-Sparta trail once when I first started riding, back in the 80’s.

  3. Scott Dickson

    I remember hearing water trickling down the tunnel walls when I rode through them in 1966.

  4. Wildcat

    Scott Dickson comment! Legend! He’s the Chuck Norris of cycling. I heard that Scott Dickson only rides uphill. And one time he rode cross country on his lunch break from work. A buddy of mine said that he changed jobs once just so that his bike commute to work would be longer. And he never drafts – he simply tells the wind to get out of his way, and it listens.

  5. biscuit

    Famous Scott Dickson quote, “I won’t ride with you if you plan less than a 100”.

  6. The Cyclist

    Awesome tunnel! And ToC finally had a real mountain road to show. The Gibraltar.
    It had real switchbacks. Wow! And a view to go with. That was really awesome too!

  7. Franz

    I heard that once or twice.

    Another one was, “I know a short cut”. Which actually would add 20-30 miles to the ride.

  8. dave

    Oh, come on ya all. Give the ‘ol farmboy a break. How well will you hold up at 56.


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