Christmas Day Bike Ride in Chicago

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A couple days ago I wrote about what I usually do in Chicago on Christmas Day and now a few guys have contacted me about wanting to ride with me on my annual Christmas Day ride in Chicago.  I called a couple of them back and we decided we are going to meet at the Starbucks by the Randhurst Mall in Mt. Prospect at 11:30 and probably just head over towards Lake Michigan and do a 2-3 hours ride towards Chicago.  That route is always up to modification, depending on how many guys show up, wind, weather, whatever.  So, I guess I’m inviting about anyone else that wants to get out of the house tomorrow for a little while and ride some.   I headed towards downtown the last few years because the roads are really abandoned and everyone seems so friendly on Christmas Day.  One of the very few days that downtown isn’t chaos.  Casual, no racing, just a way to burn off some calories and get some fresh air.

I wonder if Gus is in town?