Typical Northwoods Day

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Yesterday was the typical day up in Cable.   Eat, swim, sauna, eat, exercise, eat, chop wood, eat, drink wine at the Rivers Eatery.  It takes a few days to get used to the whole routine.  Gwen makes the rest of us look super lazy because she swam for over an hour, so everyone else is playing catch up and that is impossible.

Pat, Gwen and I rode over 3 hours off-road yesterday afternoon.  I only have road pedals and shoes, so I taking it a little easy.  Pat has a big tired Surley that rolls over everything.  Gwen was riding a stupid light Specialized dual suspension bike.  She has dramatically improved technically the last couple years.  She doesn’t recognize it, but she is going so much faster than even last fall, the last time she really road a MTB.

She was going so well that once Pat and I rode pretty fast for a longer section, then stopped and waited at an intersection.  We barely had time to take a drink and she showed up. I just looked at Pat and we started cracking up.   I told her I was embarrassed that we weren’t further ahead.  In reality, she was just going super good.

Dennis got a new chainsaw.  A couple weeks ago, during Chequamegon, the Stihl that he has had for 28 years, quit working.  It actually didn’t quit, but I noticed that the chain wasn’t getting any oil.  The oil pump blew.  I’m going to fix it for him, but in the meantime, he got 2nd one. Dennis hasn’t fired up the new saw, so I went out and split a bunch of wood that had already been cut.  I think that splitting wood is cathartic.  I’m not so big at picking up the wood, putting it in a wheelbarrow, then moving to the pile and stacking it.  But the splitting part I enjoy.  It’s good exercise.

Today, Gwen has already been down at the lake for a good bit.  We are trying to watching Lombardi and the Super Prestige cross race on the internet.  Plus, Dennis is making waffles, or at least preparing the batter.  Pat and I are going to ride trails again.  They are taking off later today.

Tomorrow I am going to drive down to Winona and see my dentist friend there.  Then probably head back to Topeka, maybe through Ames Iowa.  My friend, Michael Fatka had a hip replacement and had a couple complications.  One which was a pulmonary embolism.  He’s at home, but feeling shitty.  He needs some chores done, so we can help him out some there.

Gwen told me to try the avocado/egg smear. I'd already put butter and jam on the other piece, my normal toast coverings.

Gwen told me to try the avocado/egg smear. I’d already put butter and jam on the other piece, my normal toast coverings.

Pat and Gwen on an open section.

Pat and Gwen on an open section.

Not sure what we were doing here.

Not sure what we were doing here.

I split most of this section yesterday.

I split most of this section yesterday.


4 thoughts on “Typical Northwoods Day

  1. mike crum

    steve, i now you’re a good cyclist , but in a lot of photos, espically training photos, you ride without a helmet.. to each his own, but it takes one fall the wrong way to turn into a vegetable.. why dont you wear one?

  2. Clifford Allen

    I feel like trails are a good time and situation to wear one, but then again I rarely saw Steve with one back in the day… nor did I wear one myself, save for the occasional MTB ride and road race.

  3. Gwen

    Dear diary, that old guy is still around – always lurking nearby. Today he mentioned me like 8 times in his blog. Who still blogs? This is getting creepy. Says he’s leaving tomorrow, believe it when I see it

  4. Russell

    Dear Gwen.
    I stumbled across your diary entry. Be careful where you leave it. There are lots of trolls just waiting to read your daily thoughts. Some of them are misogynists and will obsess over their fear that your life is controlled by old men, who like you, can beat them in nearly every athletic event. They will read your entries within minutes of your writing because they set alerts to let them know your every move, then pretend that they have more important things to do. Ok, back to re-reading the results of my last race – second in my age group, by the way. Had a mechanical or I’d have won it. Some 15 year old chick and an old guy reliving his glory days cut me off while I was adjusting my helmet strap. Still PR’d. Got to go. Lots to do. Oh, speaking of which, how do you keep your legs so smooth. I’ve tried everything. Keep up the good work. Your guardian Angel, Russell “Rusty” Krank.


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