Little Wasted

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Yesterday was a longer drive than I had anticipated.  I haven’t driven to Durango for a really long time and it was pretty slow.  At least pretty slow through Colorado Springs and then again once I got on 160 all the way to Durango.  I can’t imagine how long that would have taken a month ago when school was out and everyone was vacationing.  Plus, I only got 4 hours sleep, so the drive seemed long.

Last night there was a dinner for riders that did the 1990 Worlds and media.  Greg Herbold did a slide show.  He is funny.  There are a ton of riders here.  John Tomac, Julia Furtado, Ned, obviously, and a ton more.  I’ll try to name them tomorrow, but I’m a little short of time this morning, so I’m going to have to get going.

Okay, 50 miles off-road.  Should be fun.

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