Tilford (Tech) Tuesday on Wednesday

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Remember a couple months ago, I stopped by Park Tool, in Minneapolis, to visit my friend Calvin Jones and we ended up doing a little video segment that he does which is called Tech Tuesday.  Well, the segment is out and here it is.  It was nice getting a personal tour of Park Tool.  I’ve been using the brushes and other various and sundry tools Calvin thought would be useful to me.  Okay, the video is not that long and since a lot of you don’t really know me personally, this is sort of how I am normally, a little camera shy, but interested in most stuff.

22 thoughts on “Tilford (Tech) Tuesday on Wednesday

  1. Bill S.

    Nice piece Steve. I should have never tried sprint shifters last year. I am in deep love with them, and tell others that they are the only reason to ride Di2. I got a kick out of your description too!

  2. Gordo

    Hi Steve, You interviewed fine and were yourself which is refreshing to see in this era of saying the “right things only”. Are you really still running those old XTR components? I am still running them too but I am sure with your connections to Shimano some XTR Di2 components would not be hard to obtain. Cheers, Gordon

  3. Fabio C.

    Very very cool Steve. Thank you. Your experience is just so priceless. If you don’t mind. I wish you had talked a little bit about MTB wheels sizes. Is it something maybe we can ask your opinion about ?


  4. le heckleur

    really, a crusty grizzled old XC racer is the guy you wanna ask about wheel sizes? are you retarded?

  5. Tanner

    Nice interview. I think it would be sweet to see some of your collection. Maybe you’d like to keep it private so that people don’t know what you have, but it would be cool to see a bike update with little story on each one (or maybe just some photos to drool over). As a bike guy, I geek out on some of the older models that helped to start the sport.

  6. Freddy

    No judging, but it would have been much better to use Greg LeMond as an example of a Tour winner instead of Lance Armstrong.

  7. Jackie Gammon

    Great video Steve! I LOVE the fact that you like what you like and not what the industry tells you that you should. As a shop owner, I’m always mentioning to folks to get yourselves comfortable on the bike… once you do that everything else falls into place. Like you, I ride an older ti road frame but custom model and run older 10 speed Campy… at least I can rebuild the shifters. However, the whole point to all of this is to pay attention to what YOU like and get out and ride!!

    +! on seeing your collection; I’d love that as well.

  8. Donkybhoy

    Was enjoying it till Armstrong was given as an example. Fuck that shit! Only examples Armstrong can be used for is doping, cheating, bullying, sociopathy, narcissism etc…….

    LeMond or Hampsten could have been used.

    Fail Tilly.

  9. Clifford

    I remember, vaguely, the ‘cross bike that Steve was using in the mid-90s hanging in the garage and it looked like something out of the Middle Ages. As a young, aspiring racer, I was shocked to see that his rig wasn’t some newfangled ride. But of course time has told that Steve knows exactly what works for him, no matter what it looks like.


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