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The Pro Challenge started yesterday in Steamboat Springs.  I was still stinging a little from Saturday and really didn’t feel like running into a thousand people that would most likely bring up Leadville.  I did manage to catch the end of the race, while waiting out a rain storm in a Whole Foods in Frisco.  Pretty great finish.  Small group finishes are always interesting.

Today we’re going to ride up Loveland Pass, down to Georgetown and then back up over the pass to, hopefully get to the finish in A Basin by the 4 o’clock finish.  It is pretty windy out today, so maybe the race time estimates will be fast and the race will finish later.  Plus, there is the normal chance of afternoon thunderstorms, which makes spectating at 10500 feet really unenjoyable.

Since BMC won yesterday, they are obviously happy, thus the support people work extra hard trying to reward the riders a little.  Maybe not reward, but when you are winning the race, there are always extra duties.  Trudi will be at the feed and then go to the finish, so hopefully I’ll catch up with her there.

I’ve got a lot of friends from all over the country following the whole race, so it will be nice meeting up with them randomly.

Both my knees are still a little sore from Leadville.  It is kind of weird, because after Lutsen, my right knee hurt, then the pain went away.   In Leadville, I experienced no knee pain, which is about the only place below my waste that was the case, but the day after, both my knees, between the kneecap and the skin hurt.  I’m not sure what that is all about.  My friend Stacie, an orthopedic surgeon, told me it was because I raced a 100 mile MTB race.  Duh?  I know the ultimate cause, but not why it only happens on a MTB, while racing a long time.

Eric Heiden said that I need to drink tonic water to help in the recovery from the cramping.  I guess the quinine in the water helps for some reason.  I don’t know if it’s too late for that, but I will probably get some tonight.

Okay, I’d better get going.  It is only a 70 miles ride, but twice over Loveland Pass, plus the climbing from Georgetown back up to Loveland is pretty hard.  It might take a while.



6 thoughts on “Pro Challenge Spectating

  1. Old and Jaded

    So what’s wrong with your tens of fans asking you about Leadville? You rode fine. You should live for the interaction with the bike heads

  2. Donald J Trump

    Steve, it’s me. The Don. Steve, I’m really rich. You know that, America knows that. But Steve, let me tell you something. Do you know what I do when I don’t want to mingle with my tons (not tens, Steve, but tons) of admirers? Steve, here’s what I do. I “fist bump”. Do you know how much time that saves me? Tons, Steve, tons. And you know Steve, time is money. So next time Steve, just fist bump your thousands of supporters at the top of the mountain. Or give them a helicopter ride. Steve, until next time. Vote Trump 2016.

  3. Marla Maples

    You talk big now, but you should remember the fact that you had to sub-contract out for my sexy time during our marriage. Little blue pills just didn’t cut it. That “helicopter” ride is more like a drone FWI

  4. Rich

    Evidence is pretty clear that muscle cramps are caused by a) poor conditioning (not your case) -or- 2) accumulated fatigue. Dehydration, electrolyte levels and all that nonsense is a red herring.
    Agree with an earlier commenter from yesterday that too much time at altitude, short of moving there, can result in accumulated fatigue.


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