Racing in Winterpark

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I really have no business racing today, for a variety of reasons, which aren’t really important.  I am going to race today because it sounds like fun.

Vincent has been planning on racing here all week.  He got tired of beating upon all the expert 40+ guys, so decided he was going to be racing Pro now, which is a great decision.  There are too many guys that like to win over trying to improve, or challenge themselves.

So, I decided to tag along.  I didn’t really plan on racing, it is kind of a spur of the moment decision.  But, I hope, a good one.

Last year at this time, I was on crutches and went to this very race and waited around the expo area for Bill and Vincent to finish the race.  It is a point to point race that starts down in Fraser and finishes in Winterpark.  I have no idea what the course is like, which is fine.  I just need to live the MTB lifestyle a bit to get solid footing back into the sport.

This is part of the Colorado Freeride Festival.  It was pretty fun hanging out last year, watching the jumping and seeing the enduro guys take off, but when I was there, I wanted to race.  Now that I have that opportunity, it would be stupid to waste it because of nothings.

Okay, it is early and it is an hour and half drive up to Winterpark from Arvada.  It is going to be a little chilly, I bet, riding over to Fraser for the start.  Plus, it goes straight uphill right from the gun.  You saw how well that worked for the Sky team yesterday in the Tour.  I doubt it is going to be much different for me today.

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