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That is what Katie, Kent Eriksen’s wife, called this article when she sent me the link.  Funny word.  Anyway, it is an article from the Steamboat Springs paper about Kent Eriksen and myself. The writer is a native of Wichita Kansas and just recently moved to Steamboat Springs.  Big change.  Anyway, the article gives a little insight into Kent and my relationship. Here is a link to the article.  

Kent Eriksen and me after the Tour de Steamboat.

Kent Eriksen and me after the Tour de Steamboat.

7 thoughts on “Bromance

  1. Chris G

    Very nice. I’m sure you guys would make a great couple if Kent’s thing with Katie doesn’t work out. Steve, your blog is seriously nourishment for so many people. It’s quality is so high that it always instantly buries drivel from all discontents like Tripod Ron above. Thanks as always.

  2. Ryan In Iowa

    Steve, great article about Kent and you. I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog. Any thoughts on coming to Iowa and riding some (or all) of Ragbrai.


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