Crashfest, oh, forget it

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I am sitting in Cable, eating pancakes with blackberries, watching the Tour de France and told Dennis, who was making the pancakes, that very soon, there is going to be carnage.  It was so obvious that…….

Okay, I wrote the whole post and it completely disappeared into cyberspace.  The paragraph above is all that was left.   I don’t have the mental tenacity to rewrite the same thing again.  I was done with it before I did it the first time.

Needless to say, the Tour was strange.  Neutralized by the organizers after a crash.  Never heard of that before.  Not sure I agree with that.

So, change of subjects completely.

It is down pouring rain in the Northwoods.  It is supposed to rain almost 2 inches today.

Yesterday was super.  Bill, Karl and I rode the Firehouse 50 course and ended up at the Rookery, a nice restaurant with an outside venue for music.  Molly and the Danger Band was playing.  Below, there is a short video of a new instrumental she is recording this fall.

I love listening to her sing.  She is so talented.  She played at Pat and Gwen’s wedding and makes beautiful music, plays the violin, mandolin, guitar, and many other instruments incredible. I could listen to her play all day.

But, we had to ride back and get back to the Rivers Eatery and watch the women’s world cup finals.  By the time I got there, the game was pretty much over.  Nice.

We moved outside and Beth told me there are a bunch of stray kittens, small cats at a house that is most likely going to be demolished soon.  So she grabbed a bunch of cooked chicken they didn’t use on pizzas and we walked over.

Two of the kittens were together, checking us out.  They are not quite feral, but close.  They will approach and I could touch a couple of them on their heads.  They don’t stand much of a chance up here, with all the predators lurking about.  Plus, the harsh winter.  Anyone need a new cat?  They are very cute.  I could catch and deliver.

Okay, better watch the end of the race.  The finish is going to be exciting.

Carnage at the Tour.

Carnage at the Tour.

Talking to Molly while she was taking a break.

Talking to Molly while she was taking a break. Dennis is looking concentrated.

Trudi soaking up some sun.

Trudi soaking up some sun.


Kittens.  Think there might be as many as 8.

Kittens. Think there might be as many as 8.

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  1. Barb Kelly

    Steve – I’ve been following your blog for some time but never commented before. Re: the kittens, I recommend you contact the Northwoods Humane Society in Hayward and see if you can take them there. Their website: Ph#: 715-634-5394
    They are a great, caring organization. I live in Hayward and adopted a couple of kittens from them last fall.


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