Driving to Minneapolis to Race Tonight

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Yesterday I was on my feet all day.  And the day before and the day before.  I pretty much painted a whole house in 3 days.  I’d already scraped and sanded it, so I just needed to do some caulking and then paint.  My legs were throbbing each night when I went to bed.  Last night was the same.

I was waffling between going out to Colorado and doing the Bailey Hundo, a 100 mile MTB race outside of Denver, or up to Minnesota and race the Elite criteriums that they are doing along with the North Star Gran Prix.  I couldn’t manage to get up there by Wednesday to do the stage race, so this is the next best thing.  I definitely can use the speed work, my jump stinks.

Two weekend from now, there is a 100 mile MTB race in Lutzen, Minnesota.  I think a couple of my guys, Matt and Brian are driving up and if that is true, then I’ll go over there and race that race.  Even if they don’t show, I’ll probably do it anyway.  I’m looking to do some stuff I haven’t done before and this fits that bill.

It is super late on Thursday already, really Friday morning, so technically I’m racing today. I hope to get 6 hours sleep before I have to start driving.   It is about 500 miles up to Minneapolis from Topeka.  It’s a easy drive.  The race is at 6 tonight. Should be good and stiff again by then.

Did you see my friend, Stefan Rothe won the St. Paul criterium two nights ago at the North Star Gran Prix.  It was a pretty great move, jumping out of the break, just when they were getting caught with a lap to go.  They video is below.


3 thoughts on “Driving to Minneapolis to Race Tonight

  1. Franz

    Stefan’s move was pretty impressive. With 2 laps to go I was pretty sure they were caught. With one lap to go I thought one of the rider’s in the break should attack, although I was pretty sure they were all caught. My daughters picked Stefan for the win earlier. They have playing cards at the races with the various team jerseys on it and they both picked up the Elbowz card so they were happy to get a prize as well.

  2. ChrisFroome

    Dear Twitterati and Honest Cycling Fans,

    I hate French Hotels#! how dare the UCI restrict me from the secret comartment with my extra blood and microdoses of EPO in Richie’s fav RV specially made for us by Sky, will now have to be used by our head mechanic and his nephews now, but you don’t need to know that…. It just mucks it up my Tour de France a wee bit mate. I’ll tell you some of these blatant dopers in the peloton from the past wow- they are still racing- wow!


    Chris Froome


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