8 thoughts on “Taylor and Davis Phinney

  1. Andrew Ross

    Somewhere out there is a great old picture of Davis and Taylor on a tandem. I haven’t been able to find it, so if anyone could point me in the right direction that would be great. In bocca al lupo with your recovery Taylor.

  2. Bolas Azules

    I pray for those guys that came through the sport and the OTC in the late 70’s and the early 80’s. I pray for them, their health and the health of their offspring. Far too many are not well and no one is asking questions.

  3. B

    I sincerely hope for the best for all of the Phinney family. However they term it. There is so much more to life than bike racing.

  4. Erik MacDonald

    “Life without Art is a second class existence.”

    Thanks for posting this Steve, it’s an amazing story.

  5. gehry

    Amen. Who knows what kind of mad crack that Burke & B. pumped into the veins of those young tikes back then. We already know it was happening. We just don’t know how far it reached.

  6. old and slow

    My father was diagnosed with Parkinson’s more than 26 years ago. He had the DBS surgery about ten years ago before the rechargeable batteries were available. The first time the batteries ran out (at Xmastime when those surgeons don’t exactly keep normal hours,) was very hard on the immediate family. You revert to full blown tremors overnight. It was two and a half weeks before he could get them replaced, mostly because of the time of year.

    The approach that Davis took where he always preferred suffering and sleepless nights to escalating the meds would have been close to impossible for anyone else, IMO. Given how young he was when he was diagnosed, that was also excellent advice.

    I don’t think he ever got the proper credit for becoming a well rounded stage racer who won one of the last Coors Classics and I know that he didn’t get the proper credit for realizing what a one way street the treatment regime was and delaying it for as long as possible the way that he did. His family will appreciate the self-sacrificing steps he took in the future, I’m quite sure of that.


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