Dirty Kanza Live Update – Ugly

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I’ve had a few exchanges with Brian Jensen’s wife.  Sounds like it is going to be one of those days. It is horrible conditions for a 200 miles dirt road race.

Early on, Brian had two flats and was walking some.  Then next text I get it is that he is up to 5 flats and 20 minutes down in 6th, which is still doable.  Now, no rear derailleur and he’s getting picked up.  I feel badly for him.  He’s going so good right now.

So, there will be a new Dirty Kanza winner today.  Berry Wicks was in 3rd earlier and I’m sure he has encountered these conditions many, many times before, so he should be next in line to take the win.  But there is a lot of racing to go.  Maybe Jonathan Schottler, 3rd last year is gonna have some luck this year.  I think he has the form.  Okay, that’s it from here.  Going for a ride myself.  Kind of cool here, in the lower 60’s.

*Rumor has it that Schottler is out of the race too now.  And Wicks I think. Man, brutal. 

Here are a few pictures from the ugliness out there from Thomas Prehn’s facebook page.

Here’s a link to an article in the Topeka paper about Brian from a couple weeks ago.

Thomas and Chris Carmichael at 30 miles.

Both team mates from the old Wheaties/Schwinn days, Thomas Prehn and Chris Carmichael at 30 miles.

It is going to be a very long 200 miles at this rate.

It is going to be a very long 200 miles at this rate.


36 thoughts on “Dirty Kanza Live Update – Ugly

  1. jim sully

    To steal a quote from the fishermen.., “the worst day bicycling is still better that the best day working”….
    I draw strength from the gladiators+gladiatresses that take on these challenges.
    I stand in awe of those that take on these challenges,You are the stuff of legends.
    That is all,
    Jim”Benchmaste” Sully

  2. mv

    Just hearing the forcast I thought , you’re going to need 29″ tires that do not pack mud and a simple drivetrain with something to prevent your derailleur from going in the spokes. We’ll see. Great race though..

  3. Doubting Thomas

    Why the f’ing doper pic- has he served his lifetime ban already? Dopers suck- so why are you supporting him of all people? That pic tells us a lot I fear about your past- or is it present? When are you going to tell your story anyway? 10 years from now… Honestly, I am a supporter of “it’s Steve’s blog he can do what he wants- but THAT guy?

  4. donkybhoy

    Chris Comical gets pic with no lambasting his making $$$$s as a beard for Armstrong/Ferrari????????

  5. Ron

    You guys are such fucking tools. Even if Steve had “doped” back in the day there was no potential for any “serious” performance enhancement like there is today. The fact that at 50+ yrs old, Steve can still compete with some of the best current pro racers in the U.S. speaks volumes about his abilities as an athlete. If you don’t like Steve or what he has to say in his blog posts then why do you miserable fucks continue to tune in?

  6. channel_zero

    The fact that at 50+ yrs old, Steve can still compete with some of the best current pro racers in the U.S. speaks volumes about his abilities as an athlete.

    That’s probably why we read.

    Steve’s had a relationship with Carmichael before he was poisoning kids. Since this is cycling, much of the sport’s participants are okay with poisoning children with undefined PEDs.

    It would be nice to get to a place where it’s socially unacceptable, but we’re a loooooong way from that. Since we’re not there, posting photos of dopers is okay-ish.

  7. channel_zero

    there was no potential for any “serious” performance enhancement like there is today.

    Yes, there was. EPO. Look it up.

  8. Paul Boudreaux

    Love this blog and what Steve is all about, but how the F does a picture Carmichael and his weak ass sauce end up on this blog in any other capacity than calling him the total joke that he is? Why don’t guys like him and Armstrong just go away?

  9. Doubting Thomas

    I like Steve, I like his blog posts. But I like Tom Danielson too -doesn’t mean Steve didn’t/doesn’t dope -in fact, his success at a late age suggests only that he did/does – see Horner, Chris. The point though, is that he at least lately has chosen to blast known or suspected dopers – as he should – but then posted a smiling pic of one of the worst offenders ever -and we don’t think THAT guy should be recognized. That is all.

  10. Spade

    Why? Because Tilford is selective in his indignation. He rails LA but is fine with a fraud that doped juniors and made millions off of the same man that Tilford portrays as satan. He hates Levi but has no problem with Horner. Can’t stand Astana but has no probelm having Ocho pour money into his household. It’s almost as if Steve is playing us for fools because the level of hypocrisy on his part is reaching levels of complete abusrdity and the joke is on us.

    Jensen is a real beauty himself and shows amazing “longevity” for an athlete his age. Isn’t he the same guy that lost his pro ride for spitting in his team directors face? Pure class surrounds Tilford. I just ask two things of you Steve. Stop posting about doping because you have no moral high ground to shout from. And please…for the love of God…start wearing deodorant during races. That is all.

  11. Mark G

    Yea , what he said, I liike this blog for Steves cool life story, but he has too many dirty connections to comment on the dope problem, dont shit where you eat. But it is his blog and he can do wtf he wants. If you want real anti dope, go to crankpunk

  12. Levi

    Thank You Spade!

    Very well said. That’s the same place I’ve been coming from for over a year now. All the Tilford worshipers (jock sniffers) like to come out and speak on his behalf and defend him, as if he can’t do that on his own. Like Timm for example.

    And yes PLEASE! Deodorant! Nothing is worse than smelling that mutant BO. And we’re outside….in the wind! P.U.

  13. LeDuc

    So you guys are saying the biggest mooch has a BO problem? Feel sorry for the owners of all the places he crashes. BO is a no go

  14. Steve Tilford Post author

    Screw many of you guys- I put the picture of Carmimichael and Thomas in the post because it is the only one I could find, at the time, that showed how fucked up the conditions were. Thomas posted the picture, not me. I don’t give a shit if Chris Carmichael was in it or not. It just happened to be two guys I rode on Wheaties/Schwinn with.

    I argued with Carmichael more than I raced with him and know all about his facade and past. This wasn’t a post about Carmichael and doping. It is about having to walk in ankle deep mud in Kansas, where I live. It is an article about a team mate that has been training for months and had to stop at 88 miles. And lots of other friends that had to try to endure those conditions.

    If you guys don’t get it by now, just move on. I’ve never taken drugs to race bikes. I don’t take drugs to race bike. I think I’m doing my best to state that on a pretty constant basis. It is ruining our sport.

    I don’t get paid to do this. I was trying to give others some information about the DK while I was trying to get to a race myself. It isn’t the easiest thing to do.

    I think you’re chickenshits. Just come up to me in person and throw out your bullshit allegations. I travel pretty much the whole country and I’m sure it wouldn’t be very hard for you to track me down close. I very much doubt you’d come up to my face and say what you write publicly. Definition of a chickenshit.

    Sorry, kind of, didn’t get much sleep last night.

  15. Kazi Rekab

    Well said Steve,

    Most people who talk shit on the web, in real life are just that…punk-ass bitches.

    Talking shit how a dude smells in a race?? WTF?? petty bitches. I think if you go out and work your ass
    off your going to stink just a bit.

    What do you dudes smell like in a race?? Fresh cut flowers?? I doubt it.

    I for one couldn’t imagine riding the Kanza. Crazy stuff.

  16. Andy Schoen

    I saw Berry Wicks riding back to the first check point… Really I couldn’t figure out why all these people were riding backwards on the course. I thought they were hardmen.

  17. LeDuc

    Come east and I will say it right to your face. If you’re going to be on the interwebs you cant be a precious flower

  18. darkcloud

    I gave several “thumbs up” to posts that were critical Carmichael as well as several “thumbs down” to posts critical of Steve.
    Steve is on record as being against doping in cycling. He walks a fine line and I give him credit for being as outspoken as he is.
    Don’t let them get you down, Steve.

  19. Jeff D.

    Steve keep posting like you do, I find your bog is the most entertaining/interesting read of them all. Like I said before, I don’t get the haters,nobody is making anybody read your blog. Usually folks that make those kind of Hate comments are Jealous of the way your able to live your life.

  20. Steve Tilford Post author

    MDP-I very much doubt you are local because if you were you’d know me and I don’t know anyone that would post that. Maybe “Midwest local”, but not my local. For such a touch guy, how come you can’t even use a real email address. I’m pretty easy to get ahold of and am not hiding behind a facade like you. Chickenshit is a great adjective for describing you.

    Anyway, do you need my address or phone number? You should probably call before coming by, I’m not around that much. Wouldn’t want you to have to make a trip for nothing. My brother is usually around if you want to have a long conversation though.

  21. Ethan

    Keep above the “rif raf” Tilford. Your talent and concrete friendship to those around you make you a class act . Those of us who know you, ignore the petty troll comments on your site. I’m actually surprised you even allow these trolls to comment! See you soon I hope. — Ethan

  22. biscuit

    I laughed out loud when I read, “My brother is usually around if you want to have a long conversation though.” Classic. I also noted from a couple days back, your license numbers are consecutive.

  23. Thomas Prehn


    Thanks for re-posting the photo. (watch for video soon!) And thanks for trying to steer the interaction where it was meant to be.

    I bumped into a former teammate and friend of mine and we rode together for a while. We came to another mud bog and I figured I might not see him the rest of the ride. I took a picture to capture the evolving epic. End of story.

    Now if you have to be a troll find another bridge.


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