Gonna Try Running Now

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It has been pretty much exactly 10 months since I crashed and broke my hip.  It has been a slow process getting back up to speed.  Last week I rode a little over 400 miles and it only bothered me a little.  Anyway, I’ve been thinking about the dangers involved in the sport and I’ve decided that I’m going to put cycling on the back burner and give running a try.  Competitive running.

I met a guy in Del Mar, California last year and he knew a lot of numbers.  He was telling me that Floyd Landis holds the Strava record up Torrey Pines.  He went on to say that he was really a competitive runner and that he specialized in the mile.  He knew all the mile world record times, for each age group.

He went on to tell me the times and said that I would “only” have to run a 4:35 to hold the world record for the mile in my age group.

That got me thinking.  I haven’t run a mile for a few years, but I used to run one a year, on the track, just to make sure I could run under 5 minutes.  It wasn’t a jog, but I could pretty easily run under 5 minutes without any training.  I know that wouldn’t be the case now though.

I got the thought that the reason the time is so slow is by the time most good runners are in the 50’s, they have destroyed their knees and joints enough that they can’t run.  So it makes sense that there aren’t too many guys around that can run super fast that have a running background.  So, a cyclist would be the perfect athlete to run, because we haven’t destroyed our legs.

After breaking my hip, I could barely walk, yet alone run.  But walking Bromont the last couple weeks, I’ve ran up  a hill by my house and think I can manage it.

So, today I’m planning on running to Lawrence on the River Road.  I know, 35 miles might be too big  a chunk of mileage to start off with, but I’ve ridden the road pretty much every day the past week and know it like the back of my hand.

So, I’m going to put in some earbuds and just go for it.  I only have some hiking boots, not leather, but light, so I figure that they will give me some stability, which I’ll need.

I just want to get enough of a base to start track workouts.  I figure the longer I run, the higher chance that I’ll have to injure myself, so I’m going to limit my workouts to the track.

I plan to do the  Mile World Record Attempt  by Memorial Day, the 12 month anniversary of my hip fracture.   Nice way to come back from an injury.


Obviously my running form is stellar, so at least I have that going for me.

Obviously my running form is stellar, so at least I have that going for me.

20 thoughts on “Gonna Try Running Now

  1. MS

    Once I got to the “I’m going to start off with 35 miles…” I knew I was reading some bullshit. Yeah, today is April 1st isn’t it.

  2. Rod

    The hiking boots are a nice touch but I’d recommend just using your regular cleated cycling shoes for the 35 mile run. You know they fit really well so you shouldn’t get any blisters.

  3. Pepsi Frank

    I thought your April Fools joke would be BMC joining MPCC. But that’s not going to happen either.

  4. Levi

    What exactly are you wearing in that picture? It looks like the puffy pirate shirt from Sienfeld that you cut the arms off of. What the bib shorts with no shirt didn’t look douchey enough, you had to add a silk blouse?
    Happy April Fools Day. I hope Bromont is doing well. I think you should throw a party for the good ole boy. Invite all his friends, human and otherwise. Celebrate his life with him,….. while he’s still here with us and feeling pretty OK.

  5. Paul Boudreaux

    Good one Steve except for the fact that based on your cycling exploits I think you probably could drop a 4:35 now with a helluva less hours training than it takes to ride 400 miles/week. As a former competitive runner I’m actually a bit surprised the 55 record isn’t lower than that. You ought to give it a go. I remember reading a post about you dropping a mile in college that suggested you would have certainly been a sub 4 minute miler and likely better in the longer distances. Seems like you have aged a lot slower than most folks. Honestly though, the thing that would get you there is the utter lack of respect you have for “limits” that compelled you to ride down that staircase a few days ago…


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