CIRC Investigation Out

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Here is a link to the 200 + page CIRC investigation.  I skimmed the whole document and it is pretty much a compilation of historical documents.  I didn’t see a thing that I was interested in.  The commission did say that doping in cycling was prevalent, but the benefits seemed to be less.  All those guys worried about this report should be celebrating.  If this is the best the UCI could come up with, then we are in for a lot more of the same.

One redated page.  It might as well all looked like this, in my opinion.

One redacted page. It might as well all looked like this, in my opinion.

8 thoughts on “CIRC Investigation Out

  1. Doubting Thomas

    No surprise- fucking cowards are not going to kill the golden goose. The only thing they understand is money, so we need to STOP giving it to them- stop paying member dues, stop buying Specialized bikes ( and TREKS for God’s sale ) and stopping making heroes out of – and buying jerseys from – the supposedly clean generation of riders. Only when the money goes away will anything be done! Until then, enjoy your WWF – I can’t even stand to watch or read about it anymore.

  2. Ducky

    Hi Steve,

    I share your disappointment. According to Velonews 16 riders testified to the commission. 16. The commission failed to gain the the confidence of the riders. The report is bunk. Ugh.

  3. channel_zero

    Wow. You can’t even get through the first page of the report without laughing out loud at the lies.

    There are a few bombs in there, but the language is softened quite a bit.

    They confirm the UCI is hiding positives, and then mislead the reader claiming anti-doping is “independent.” and influence over CADF’s anti-doping operations has ceased.

    They also mention “fiscal problems.” Which, is no surprise. They blacked out bits after this The Commission has noted the extensive use of cash, in particular for the reimbursement
    of expenses for meetings. It is true that for the delegates of certain countries…

    So, cash is very, very, very, very likely leaking out as an influence mechanism. $2 million CHF spent in two months. Hein’s Keirin bribe is probably quite small relative to the issues that lead them to note the problem.

    They confirm the UCI has no interest in a meaningful anti-doping policy. And then later claim the UCI has fixed this, even though it’s an issue?? They culdn’t keep the lies straight.

    They also confirm the UCI s passing around confidential documents to people who should not have them. That explains quite a bit, including how some riders seem blacklisted.

    NIIICE!!! They explain how Makarov owns a block of votes at the Management committee level (I think??), when techincally he should not.

    VeloNews to publish cycling is now clean, CIRC/Vrijman 2.0 proves it.

  4. Larry T.

    Well, they admitted in writing what everyone pretty much already knew. But that’s more than they’ve done in the past when Mr. Mars and The Mad Hatter dismissed it all as the dirty actions of a few rogues while paying no attention to the clean riders who wanted cheaters to be excluded. What happens with the Astana affair will point the way pro cycling’s going. If they have a license letting them into the big races as of April 1, it will truly be a fool’s day and UCI might as well change the name to World Cycling Entertainment and give up any pretense of sport.


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