Fat Birkie Results

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Just got off the phone with Ned.  He finished the Fat Birkie 2nd.  Will Ross, from Anchorage, AK one.  I original heard that  Jesse LaLonde outsprinted Jeff Hall for 3rd.  It was Brendan Moore sprinting for 3rd.  Jesse beat Corey Stelljes for 6th.  Ned said the climbs were soft and that it was pretty technical descending.  He said he fell about a mile from the finish in a soft corner.  750-800 riders started the event, which is crazy in itself.  Anyway, I guess the Fat Bike season is over?  Is the season 2 races, I don’t even know.  Anyway, good job Ned, Jesse and Jeff.  Nice that some locals are showing their stuff in the Northwoods.  Link for some of the results.

The start this morning.  Ned is in red.

The start this morning. Ned is in red.

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  1. Jason

    Bad luck for Ned.

    I can’t speak for the rest of the country, but here in Michigan, the fat bike race season starts in December and will end in the next week or so. There’s pretty much racing every weekend… just like spring, summer and fall!


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