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Yesterday went pretty badly.  Much worse than I’d anticipated.  We took Bromont over to K-State with the intention of leaving him there for 3 days, having a splenectomy, plus recovery.  We had our fingers crossed that maybe the hemangiosarcoma was isolated to his skin.  Looking back now, I should have realized that wouldn’t be the case.

We gave him a kiss and drove the hour home.  Just a couple hours later, the surgeon called me and told me that in the chest x-rays they found nodules, cancer nodules.  And he wanted to know what we wanted to do.  Of course we got back in the car and drove back and got him.

So, it’s a pretty done deal.  There is no treatment for this specific cancer in dogs.  He has slowed down so remarkable quick, it is disturbing.  Maybe he was just super worn out from the whole ordeal at K-State, but he only did about 100 meters on his evening walk.  Plus, he’s barely eating.

We’re going to take him up to Wisconsin this weekend for a last romp in the Northwoods.  It’s his favorite place in the world and he is super comfortable up there.  I’m not sure what we’ll do after that.

He’s been a very good friend the last 11 years.  I’m going to miss him like crazy.

He loves Northern Wisconsin.

He loves Northern Wisconsin.

And Dennis' couch.

And Dennis’ couch.

We got him a ice cream at DQ after we picked him up.  It's his favorite treat.

We got him a ice cream at DQ after we picked him up. It’s his favorite treat.



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  1. J B


    I am terribly sorry for you and your best friend. I hope Bromont enjoys his Northwoods romp. Sounds like there are lots of great memories there for the both of you.

  2. JB

    It’s a tough time. Enjoy him while he’s still around. You all have provided him a great life!

  3. david

    So sorry to hear the news. I inherited a twelve year old dog last year. In the short time he has been in my care, I have grown immeasurably attached to him and am dreading what I know is inevitable in the next few years. I can only imagine what your attachment to Bromont is like after 11 years. I hope your remaining time with him is very special, rewarding, and fulfilling.

  4. Joe Weis

    We are all going to miss him. He has had a wonderful life, he has been given great love and has given that love in return…..Godspeed Bromont… will be missed…

  5. Sal Ruibal

    Bromont was lucky to have you and Trudi in his life. He couldn’t have asked for better humans. Over the many years of reading your blog, I’ve come to love Bromont. I feel like he’s just a few doors down our street , across the road from the woods and a cold stream. All dogs do go to Heaven. I’m sure he thought his time with you was Heaven, too.

  6. Tom


    So sorry to hear about Bromont. Truly am. We had a girl dog, Beatrice, who was full of energy, and almost always ready to go, until she kind of stopped doing the things we were used to seeing her do. She was energetic, even as a 12 year old dog. She wouldn’t, or would have a hard time getting downstairs in the morning, and stumbling down the stairs at times. We had to carry her up and down, which I was more than happy to do. A couple of years earlier, she had a tumor removed from her foreleg, and she had chemo after that. She got through those things extremely well. We knew when her energy dropped again, the cancer was back, and she was struggling, and just not herself any longer.

    We had an ultrasound done, and the docs found some dark masses on her lungs, basically, her cancer was back. We had to make the very hard decision to put her to sleep, because her quality of life was so degraded. We were lucky, as our vet came over to house, and was able to do it where she was comfortable, and where she was surrounded by my wife and myself, along with our other dog Grover, and our 2 cats, who she chased relentlessly, but she really loved.

    Why am I writing this? Mostly because I wanted to let you know I know how hard it is to let our friends go like this. Bromont will no doubt thank you for it. The poor pup seems to be suffering a bit, and I’m sure you know this. Take good care of Bromont these last few days, as I’m sure you will, and you’ll no doubt always remember him if/when he goes.

    Thinking of you guys at this hard time.

  7. kim west

    steve and trudi– this is the hardest part of having a dog as a part of your family.
    my old buddy, amelia, was a high-spirited, lively, beautiful, playful, protective best friend, and i let her suffer far too long when it was obvious she had lost her zeal and ability to do what made her amelia. it killed me to say good-bye, but at the end, she seemed to understand that i had finally grasped her situation.
    i hope you and trudi and bromont find that peace in wisconsin, as you all deserve that dignified sense of well-being.
    you guys were fortunate to have him in your lives.

  8. Brent

    I’ve read your blog consistently for years after happening upon it. It is one of the most well written blogsI’ve seen and one of the few I read because of that. Because of the blog I always focus in on watching where you are every year at Snake Alley but the best thing this year (or maybe it was last) was actually seeing Bromont in person. Such a great team and I am very very sorry about this news. Prayers to you and your family.

  9. VCScribe

    A trip to the north woods, some soft-serve ice cream, and a lot of love in a place he knows well will work. Bless y’all, and bless Bromont.

  10. Jeff Fields

    Hey Tilly,
    Dogs should live as long as humans, damnit. Sorry to hear this, buddy.

  11. heckawee guy

    Great memories seeing you and Bromont together at cross races. Don’t have to know you to know how much it hurts. One day at a time…

  12. Phil

    Sad news. Enjoys the time you have left with him. The Bromont stories are always the best!

  13. wasfastnowimnot

    Tears and happy thoughts. I’ve lost many a faithful dog in my years. Loved them all. I know how hard it is.

  14. nelson

    I am so sorry to here that. I only know you and bromont through reading your posts, but you’ve clearly given him a wonderful life. my thoughts are with you all.

  15. brent


    Great love comes with great pain especially when we lose our most loved friends. My Mom told me to be grateful that you got to experience that type of connection and deep spectrum of emotions. It means you are a full functioning human and your heart is open to the experiences life has to offer.

    Bromont is here with you now. Spending the precious time you still have together doing his favorite things in life is the way you will remember him best.

    I have never commented but read your blog daily. We have raced together over the years and I respect your journey.
    THANK YOU for sharing Bromont with all of us and the glorious moments of romping and napping. Please know that his life has brought much joy to so many.

  16. Jim B.

    Words cannot properly express the profound sadness that all of your readers are feeling today because of this news. We all rejoiced in the happiness that Bromont brought into your life and we all share the sadness of today’s post. Bromont had a great family with you and Trudi and was lucky to have you in his life.

  17. Brianne

    This makes me so sad. I really love Bromont and I’ve only met him a few times. Just reading about him in your blog has made me grow to love him. Our golden Phaedrus has played with Bromont at races before. They seem to really get along well. You might find this strange, but I actually suggested to my husband Keith that we name our son (born last October) Bromont. I just like the name. He wasn’t that keen on the idea, but he loves Bromont too. Steve, how can they be certain from just an X-ray, that the nodules on his lungs are indeed malignant? This story breaks my heart.

  18. Mikey Mike

    I feel like I know Bromont through your blog. I will miss him, but surely not as much as you and Trudi. Give him a hug for all of us.

  19. Karen Larson

    I’m so sorry to hear this about Bromont. He’s such a sweet boy. We went through the same cancer with our 11 year old Brittany Scooter a little over a year ago. The one thing I learned from it is that he needed more water than normal to help absorb any any blood that might be pooling in his body from a ruptured tumor. The only way I could get him to drink was to lay on the floor and give it to him in my cupped hand. My best to you, Trudi and Bromont. xoxo

  20. Clifford

    Oh man, this is awful. Bromont has been the star figure of your experiences and writing over the last 11 years and it’s been great to meet him through your words and pictures. He’s such a cool, beautiful dog. So sorry that this has happened – and so suddenly.

    Thinking of you all this winter.

  21. davidh

    I’m so sorry about your news – any reader knows how much Bromont means to you. Best to you all.

  22. Paul G

    If Bromont could talk or type, oh what stories he would tell… Definitely a life well lived with a loving family… Enjoy your time together…

  23. Brian

    Sorry to hear about Bromont. It’s really a shitty situation. Dogs deserve to live so much longer. Enjoy your time in Cable, it’s one of my favorite places too.

  24. Dave Stewart

    Steve so sorry to hear about Bromont. As Sal commented above, I too have grown to love Bromont by reading your awesome blog! He is a wonderful dog; absolutely beautiful. Enjoy your time with him. I believe I can say we all feel your heartache and pain. We are with you Steve!

  25. kanzasboy

    Steve and Trudi,

    Hope that Bromont has some good days left… Can’t remember if he and Namu ever met… but the connection between dogs with George was there…

  26. RadRenner

    Steve & Trudi, I am so sory to hear this news. I’ve met Bromont (and you & Trudi) a few times at Jingle Cross or at the races in Kansas. I feel like this is happenng to someone in my own family. Give Bromont a hug from everyone up here in Nebraska.

  27. Keith

    Sorry about the tough news. Bromont was lucky to have you guys and you were lucky to have him. You provided him a great life. We feel your pain and sorrow.


  28. Thomas

    I feel lucky to have seen the main attraction in person. He is a good looking pup and you were all lucky to enjoy each other.

  29. Russell

    Steve, Trudi and Bromont.
    I hope you are able to make it to Cable. If you are able to stay until Monday or Tuesday the temps will rise and the sun will shine. You’ll all recognize the unique angle of the sun in March at 46 degrees latitude. There will be an explosion of song from the siskins, redpolls, chickadees, grosbeaks, finches and jays celebrating the end of a long winter and the coming of spring. Bromont’s favorite romps will start to reveal themselves, the maples will run and the sounds and smells of melting snow will do all of your hearts good. While it may not be miraculous it will surely be magical.
    Safe travels. Hope to see you soon.

  30. Mark Weber

    The only fault dogs have is that they don’t outlive us.

    As the owner of many German Wirehaired Pointers, I have had this same experience many times. I’d like to think it gets easier, but it does not. It has happened enough that I look for places to bury my dogs while we are hunting together. It may sound morbid, but I look at it as an act of respect. Some of the places are just pretty vistas, some are locations of amazing points or retrieves. Sue, a small black and white GWP with a huge heart and desire, is forever next to a rock that she pointed almost every time we walked by it.

    My condolences….

  31. Jenni smith

    Trudi and Steve…..I hate this! But it warms my heart to know that Bromont has lived such an incredible life. He’s been a lucky guy. I think there’s a lab and a coon hound here that will be having a soft serve today in his honor!

  32. LD

    I’m so very sorry about this news. I lost a dog to hemangiosarcoma myself. Spending quality time with him now will build a few more good memories to draw on. Take care.

  33. Peter

    You have my condolences. I’ve had to euthanize two sick dogs. It’s a hard thing to do. In the first case, I waited too long and I think he suffered some. The second case was very sudden (a stroke). Both times, I was with the dog when the vet gave him the shot. It was important for me to be there with them. I think both of them appreciated it. I prefer the company of those dogs to a lot of people I know. You gave him the best life he could have possibly had. You should feel good about that.

  34. Dave

    Steve Trudi and Bromont,
    Never easy seeing the end of days of a dear friend and companion. The northwoods hopefully will lift all your spirits and bring some joy to Bromont’s days he has left.

  35. mike

    I’ve read your blog over the past years and feel compelled to comment: God bless Bromont and heart felt sympathy to you and Trudi.

  36. B

    Sorry to hear the news, but you can take heart in the fact that Bromont has been able to live a good life. That’s due to you and to Trudi. Bromont is a good dog and good dogs are great friends. Best wishes to all.

  37. O'Connor

    Bromont has lived a wonderfully full life because of the two of you and all of your friends, today he does some more and we are all very sad…

  38. steven

    bromont has had a wonderful life with you. your kindness and love for animals says much about your character as a human. Bromont will have tons of dog pals on the other side. Godspeed to you guys!

  39. George Romonoyske

    I makes me sad to hear about Bromont. You are all in my thought and prayers.

  40. jp

    its hard to believe.

    since I know when the time is right, you guys will provide another dog an awesome life, I look forward to meeting him when he turns up in your writing.

    glad I started reading your blog while B was with us, not only in spirit.

  41. Chris G.

    I think thousands of people have loved Bromont right here. As usual, thanks for the sharing..

  42. mjl

    When your dog dies so does the some of the best parts of you. he gave all of the best parts of himself to You. It’s a painful trade but it’s one we will never regret.

  43. McRower

    Steve and Trudi,

    I was heartbroken to read your blog today. We are so sorry to hear the news. You were lucky to have Bromont in your life and receive his love…he too, was lucky to have Trudi and you to love him with all your heart and soul. I hope y’all have a good trip to Dennis and time together in the Cable woods and lake that the three of you love so much. Cherish your time together and know we are wishing you peace. Di & Geo

  44. MV

    Wishing all of you strength.
    Could not bear to put my dog to sleep since he didn’t like the clinic.
    In his last day, he waited until I came home from work, I carried him into the sunshine, and then on to the porch and just sat holding his paw, until he went.
    Still got a hole in my hearth…

  45. channel_zero

    FWIW, I did not like the last time being at the vet’s office. Find a vet who will do the injection at home. They are definitely out there.

    Best wishes.

  46. escargot

    You wrote: “He’s been a very good friend the last 11 years. I’m going to miss him like crazy.” Hear, hear! I bet Bromont would say the exact same about both you and Trudi. Best wishes at this difficult time.

  47. bobby

    The fact that you’re taking Bromont up to Wisconsin for one final romp says so much about your character.

    Hope you all have a great time together and cherish every moment.

  48. Dave

    Thoughts and prayers are with you both.

    I truly believe that we’ll meet our long lost pets again.

  49. Matthew Van Nostrand

    That’s so sad. I don’t even know you, just read your blog, but it still breaks my heart!

  50. Cindy

    Bromont has lived a great life. I’m sorry you may soon have to say goodbye to your dear friend. I know his spirit will live on.

  51. Neil Kopitsky

    I randomly stumbled across this speech from Charlotte’s Web this morning. I never appreciated that the story was about finding meaning in lives. The joy our pets bring to our lives brings meaning to theirs. And the joy we bring to theirs adds meaning to ours.
    “I’m a little tired, perhaps, but I feel peaceful. Your success today was, to a small degree, my success. You will live now, secure and safe… You have been my friend. That, in itself, is a tremendous thing. After all, what’s a life, anyway? We’re born, we live a little while, we die. A spider’s life can’t help being something of a mess with all this trapping and eating flies. By helping you, perhaps I was trying to lift up my own life a trifle… I will not be going back to the barn… I’m done for, Wilbur. “

  52. Paul

    Bromont, what an awesome dog, Makes me miss my dalmatian, and as a kid, my Boston terrier/bulldog mix. I remember they loved ice cream too! Does Bromont love popcorn (silly question I’m sure)?

    Take Care Steve.


  53. Jackie Gammon

    I’m so sorry to hear that Steve! I’ve lost my last 5 dogs to cancer, and it’s certainly very sad! Enjoy your time and remember all of the good memories and that you gave Bromont a great home!!

  54. Lynn

    My favorite blog posts have always been the ones with pictures of Bromont on your trips, sleeping in the van, romping with friends, watching races, exploring new places. Keeping you and Bromont in my thoughts.


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