Good Early Season Miles

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Today is officially the end of the first week of “real” early season training. I’ve ridden 480 miles in 29 hours and still have today left. That is pretty huge for me for the first official week of riding. The average speed seems kind of low, but with all the lights and climbing, it really isn’t.

Yesterday I rode 106 miles with local Kansans Adam Mills and Joseph Schmalz , plus Joe’s Hincapie team mate Robin Carpenter. . Robin won that super crazy stage to Crested Butte they stopped in the USPro Challenge last year. James a Stout, a British rider that is in graduate school at UCSD started with us, but had to turn back early to teach a class. That might be the first time I’ve heard that reason for cutting a ride short. James was super interesting to talk to.

It was a good ride. I’m a tad tired right now, but seem to be riding into it after the first 30 minutes or so.

An interesting thing happened. I got pulled over by a cop for looking at my phone yesterday while riding. I pulled my phone out to use Google Maps to try to figure out where I was. I rode by a police car and waved. Next thing I know he’s behind me telling me to pull over.

He tells me I am under the same rules as an automobile and it’s illegal to look at my phone while riding a bike. I explained I didn’t know that law and was from Kansas. He asked for ID at least 3 times. I told him all 3 times I don’t heave any. He finally just let me go. Kind of a strange encounter.

My computer is officially not working. It won’t charge. There isn’t an appointment open at the Apple Store until Sunday. Shit. So, I’m posting this on my phone and it is getting tedious. I think I’ll just put my computer in a backpack and ride over to the Apple Store after I ride and see if they can sneak me in.

Okay, here are some pictures from yesterday.

Adam, Robin and Joseph heading back yesterday.

This guy passed me on Miramar Road doing about 30 mph. He got stopped at the next light and did a track stand while I caught up to him. When the light turned green, he instantly popped a wheelie and rode it across the intersection. Pretty impressive. Then he took off again a full speed. All I could think was that I was jealous of his enthusiasm.

My rear tire after the ride yesterday. It was showing no threads before the ride. Crazy.

IMG_5379.JPGI had to stop and get a fish taco before I finished the ride. I was sort of done.

29 thoughts on “Good Early Season Miles

  1. Jim Ochowicz

    Postal Service skin suit =>dude means the business

    Must be one of those doped up, SoCal masters

  2. Steve J

    And those of us here in Austin, sitting inside watching it rain on a windy, 39 degree day, are envious of you riding in that nice, warm SoCal weather.

  3. Bee

    its actually nice to hear someone on these middle, middle of the week day rides you do actually have to cut short for real life reasons. and an academic one at that! Nice.
    postal service skin suit guy doing wheelies…lol wtf

  4. Fergie

    No pic of the cop encounter?
    …that would have been classic
    ..and probably not have gone over too good.

  5. MS

    The world is right again. Tilford getting stopped and harassed by coppers. I was starting to worry this wouldn’t happen again.

    Since this happened in Kalifornia, I’m convinced you are a cop magnet. it’s the pony tail, and the shifty eyes, and the fact you use Apple products. I saw an article on CNN about how cops are trained to target, stop and steal cash, err, confiscate in some areas. Surely this has happened to you no?

  6. Robert

    …and all of us in the northern US are envious that you can complain about 39 degree weather. It’s going to be 39 here tomorrow, and I can’t wait to ride.

  7. warren

    Steve: James Stout is indeed an interesting young fellow. Did he chat about his work with exercise and diabetes?

  8. Bob

    Yep, James is certainly a guy who walks the walk and always interesting to have a conversation with. We’re big fans. Still trying to figure out a way to get out there – it’s $600 a ticket for March.

  9. Pepsi Frank

    Be careful, the pictures you take on the move are evidence. Just hope no SOCAL DAs read this blog.

  10. Mike Rodose

    This is unbelievable.

    A James Stout sighting? That’s as rare as a dodo bird.

    James Stout had a controversial exit from Team Type One. It was something about not fulfilling obligations, being slow or something nonsensical.

    If this is truly the real James Stout, we want to hear your story. You are the most interesting man in the world. The bike-racing, diabetic, crazy-fast, skinny Pro, Jack Kerouac has made his way to Southern California?

    Tell us, more man!

  11. james Stout

    Hi Mike,
    that was me yes, I had a contract terminated for wearing a t shirt that said “i cycle to compensate for my enormous penis” and for sharing an article by AL Jazeera. Apparently both fell foul of the team’s “don’t be a real person with a sense of humor or a conscience” policy.

    I work in non profit now, with people living with diabetes in resource poor settings. We use exercise and education to empower people to live happy and healthy lives. Both in the DR, Haiti and in Native American communities. I don’t get paid by a drug company anymore or asked to take any drugs i don’t need to in order to survive. I find it entirely more fulfilling and still very much enjoy riding my bike with my friends. Please do feel free to see our page on

    and i’m not very fast, or very skinny.

  12. chuck martel

    It’s all about probable cause. When the cop sees you doing anything of even marginal illegality he’ll want to see your identification so he can run it through the computer and see if you’re one of the country’s ten most wanted or maybe just have a warrant out for you six states away. Then he gets an easy pinch and, in this case, gets to brag to his cop buddies how he busted a cyclist.

  13. Mike Rodose

    Thank you James Stout! Good luck with everything. Great to see you appear again.

    A t-shirt slogan controversy. That is nonsensical, but I imagine many would people would like to have a palmares that included “terminated from Pro cycling team”. Ha. Keep having fun.

  14. Cliff Grant

    Hey James. Some nice work in the latest RIDE review. Hope you had the chance to discuss literary matters with Mr Tilford.

  15. james Stout

    Thanks Cliff, I’m glad you enjoy the magazine. Working on something right now actually. Are you in Aus or do you read online or order in the USA ?

    I did TRY and persuade Steve to quote Kropotkin and Chanel, but it hasn’t worked!

  16. james Stout

    Thanks Bee, real life and bike racing can be fruitfully combined sometimes! Although i am not sure how “real” a doctorate in Modern Catalan history is!

  17. Cliff Grant

    James. I am here in Adelaide in Oz so am currently recovering from the yearly visit to town from the PRO circus. Long time subscriber to RIDE and whilst I am as fascinated as anyone by the virtues of the latest aerodynamic bidon, your articles offer a nice slant for those who are, or wish to be a little more rounded in their perspective. I look forward to seeing more of your work. Keep it up. Cheers, Cliff.


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