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The surf has been pretty big the  last couple days out in Southern California and that means there are a lot more guys playing hooky and surfing.   And I have a question.

I’ve noticed this for years and this has always been buggin me.  Why do surfers always jog along the road, with their surfboards, when they are going from their car to the ocean?

It is pretty much a given that when a guy, or a girl, is ready to surf, with their wetsuits on, they start their “surf jog” towards where they are surfing.  They do it as individuals and when they are in groups.

It seems kind of strange that the surfers are jogging along the coast highway, usually always barefoot.

My only answer is that it is to get warm before they get into the water.  But, that doesn’t explain why they do it when the water is warm and they aren’t wearing wetsuits.  I haven’t been in the water this trip, but I think it would be cold.   You’d think they would be cold when they get out of the water, after surfing, so they would run back to their cars, but they seem to walk this stretch.  Maybe it is just  part of the surf etiquette?

Anyone out there have an answer?

This guy was "surf jogging" into Swamis yesterday afternoon.  My phone's camera lens must of been covered in sweat or something.

This guy was “surf jogging” into Swamis yesterday afternoon. My phone’s camera lens must of been covered in sweat or something.


The tide was pretty low yesterday afternoon at Swamis.

The tide was pretty low yesterday afternoon at Swamis.

16 thoughts on “Surfer Question

  1. riverdog

    You guessed right….to get the body warm and wake it up….and your take on warm water does not hold much ever for SoCal….if go to wont’ see them jogging.

  2. Dog

    See how long you can stand around doing nothing while wearing a thick wintertime wetsuit and your question will be answered.

    You start sweating profusely the moment you zip up. The cold water actually feels like a blessing by the time you make it to the waves.

  3. sabine

    For me its pure joy and anticipation. Also this is mostly something you do while holding a shortboard. You won’t see many longboarders running like that. And it’s not just because the larger boards are harder to run with. It’s because it’s not part of longboard culture to hurry and rush things.

    We’ve got some big swell coming this weekend that I think will hit SoCal too so be sure to go down and check it out. And if you ever come up our way again I’d be happy to take you and Trudy out for a session!

  4. MS

    I surfed for many years and the top commenter has it exactly right – especially if there are righteous sets coming in. Adrenaline is way up and you CANNOT get in the water fast enough. The feeling is very similar to sitting on the start line waiting for the whistle in a crit.

    Comments about temperature in wetsuit are BS.
    – in winter you are wearing your full suit and already have poured some water into the suit so the cold surf doesn’t shock you.
    – in summer your wearing a minimal wesuit and I’ve never once seated in mild Cali weather in one of those.

    It’s all about getting your ass in the waves before they get crowded.

  5. Rod

    Not too many guys run at Swami’s…mostly longboarders there plus those steps can get slippery and it’s a long way to fall.

    It’s like running in the rain…really not dignified.

  6. Surfer dude

    It’s simple. When the waves are good we’re excited to get in the water. So, we jog. It’s also a good way to warm the muscles. When we walk back to the car after surfing, it’s because we’re tired. Surfing may look easy, but it’s always a good workout. The ocean demands respect and will tire you out in short order if you’re not prepared. Surfing is a fantastic sport. You should try it.

  7. JKM

    One answer…. Their pumped to get out in the water!!!!! If there walking their not as pumped.
    Steve get in the water, wetsuit or not.. its refreshing.
    I have at least three go outs currently without a wetsuit.
    Water temps currently are at record highs, El Nino!
    Yellowtail are still running in Mexico because of this.

    See ya @ Zuma today.

  8. kurt fletcher

    There amped Steve. It’s probably been onshore and shitty for a few weeks so when you here there is a swell rolling in everyone is totally fired up.

  9. Wildcat

    A very similar phenomenon happens with me and my buddies when we hunt. Once we have our waders on we can’t help but jog with our shotguns to the duck blind.


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