Cyclocross Nationals Cancelled – Crazy

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All I can say is that I don’t think that Austin Parks and Rec just watched the Belgium Nationals and how much “turf and root exposure” they caused at that race.  Not to mention the 50,000 spectators tramping around.   I don’ understand how they could award the race to a place that would cancel the event because of weather.  Not a good reflection of our sport.

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  1. gabby

    Definitely not a good reflection on Austin either. What it sounds like is a conflict w the neighborhood and someone made a call to a govt official. Filtering through twitter I got the impression that it’s political.

  2. SpeedyCx

    Portland OR 2004: swamp and mud: races ran
    Louisville, KY 2013 for UCI worlds: they dealt with a rising river and ran races
    Austin TX: really????
    Belgium Nats today: mass mud and they ran ’em.

  3. Curtis Martell

    Yeah. When you agree to invite thousands of competitors to your city for a cyclo-cross race let alone the National Championships, you have to plan for the worst case scenario. Rain, snow tornado, floods mud and freezing cold are par for the course. Even I know that.

    It’s grass after all. You buy 1000 pounds of seed and pays someone to re-seed the location. WTF. So I’ll wait here for the criticism of USAC…

    They didn’t cancel the Ice Bowl in ’67.

  4. Robert

    If they’re worried about turf damage, isn’t it already done? From photos I’ve seen, things look pretty wrecked already. And people wonder why Americans aren’t successful over in Europe…

  5. orphan

    They never should of been in Texas anyway. It’s cross. Texas is where roadies go in January to stay warm not do a cross race.

  6. channel_zero

    The sport is supposed to support responsible use of surfaces. It’s all over the organizer’s rule book because it really is the right thing to do. . Get a grip. Austin voters would be more unhappy about the lasting damage from some event in January no one heard about than anything else.

    Ice Bowl was football. If cycling were football, ESPECIALLY in Texas, you’d have dedicated playing surface just like they do for ball sports. Competitive cycling in the U.S. is, at best, a marginal sport. The federation hasn’t helped itself at all here by the way it’s been run for decades.

  7. channel_zero

    They aren’t successful because the federation is not organized to promote grassroots racing for kids to take part.

    There’s also the simple fact UCI’s ‘cross programs are heavily influenced by the Belgians as well as the sport having a much broader participation base in a tiny area like Belgium.

  8. Jim Thompson

    USAC Vision and Mission
    The vision of USA Cycling is to make the United States of America the most successful country in the world of competitive cycling.
    The mission of USA Cycling is to achieve sustained success in international cycling competition and grow competitive cycling in America while delivering an exceptional customer experience.

    Shame on the USAC for failing so dramatically.

    Go Fast … JIM

  9. channel_zero


    Some park in Austin was never going to host a whole bunch of spectators and everyone knows that. I’d be surprised if it was more than 50 people watching somehow not involved in the racing. ( SO’s, kids of racers, racers from other events)

    You’re involved in a niche sport that’s been poorly promoted for decades.

  10. John

    Austin just blew it. Surely the cycling community there is embarrassed by the decision.

    Louisville showed the opposite response to a tough situation.

    Cyclocross has the chance to redeem competitive cycling, and this is just lame.

  11. donkybhoy

    It matters to all the business making $$$s out of all the competitors, their teams and fans.

  12. mike crum

    the whole sport of cycling is fucked up… from the pros cheating with drugs these last 100 years, and no sign of stopping, to the cancelling of this race.. steve , you have a lot of pull in this sport and seem to know everyone, what are you going to try and do about this ? people that love you and follow you on this site say how much you do for cycling, i would like to hear how much you bitch and try to find out what really was the reason this event was cancelled.. waiting for your report..

  13. Telford

    VN is saying the event is postponed 24-hours and will go off tomorrow. Still at Zilker, but a different [lame-o] course. Seems a weather plan would be covered in the host cities proposal to USAC and would be a critical element for judging and awarding nationals venues. It’s cross – not like bad weather and course deterioration are a freak occurrence. If the host city, venue, and promoter aren’t prepared to deal with inclement shit, they shouldn’t even be in the running to host nationals.

  14. channel_zero


    How many people are we talking about? Really. A few hotels get a boost in occupancy, (hundreds) but it’s nothing like booking a trade event. (thousands)

    I’m not “against” the sport. But, the economic reality is competitive cycling is a poor niche sport.

    I would, at this point, like it to be much different, but it’s not. We can thank USAC for that.

    This is only one day and it sounds like the Parks department has detailed resource management criteria. Not a big deal.

  15. Robert E

    also depressing for us poor saps who couldn’t go and have to work tomorrow while the race is going on

  16. david

    I live five blocks from Zilker and just heard about the race these past few days. This race should have never been held at Zilker. An iconic park, the bikes simply tore up the place. It will take years to recover. This isn’t somewhere on the outskirts of town. Not sure how someone got permission to tear up the park like that but we never heard of it beforehand. Spectators? Really? Where?

    This race will never be held here again and someone’s gonna have hell to pay for this desecration.

  17. david

    Yeah, the park was desecrated. It will take years to recover. Zilker ain’t some park out in the ‘burbs somewhere, it’s an Austin icon. Someone’s gonna pay for this damage. The locals are gonna go nuts once they see the pics. Big screw-up by Austin to even allow such an event to tear the place up like that.

  18. david

    Does anyone here think Austin is gonna miss this race? Hell, I live five blocks from here and never heard about it until the signs were put up this week. $$$ to local businesses? What a load. Keep it. It’ll cost much, much more to repair what’s been destroyed.

  19. Mike Rodose

    Hi david

    Sorry about Zilcho Park. Seriously. It seems USA Cycling and Austin officials picked the wrong place. Shame. Seems like a great course. I heard the historic tree-root sections were tricky, but very rideable.

    Regarding your threats about desecration…and someone paying. Go for it…sue Austin and USA Cycling. Jump in that line anytime. You will have distinguished company.

    Second…regarding your wish regarding never having races in Austin at Zilcho Park. Don’t worry yourself sick about that. After tomorrow, it will all be over. A pathetic park, in a pathetic city, in a pathetic state won’t be on anyone’s list.

    TX is a fly-over state anyhow. Why would anyone would actually stop there, let alone hold Nationals in such a shitbox place is beyond me. I mean, really. Austin, Texas? I heard rumors that Austin was filled with sanctimonious, whining douchebags….all residing within about 5 blocks from that park. But that was just a rumor.

  20. DavidSucks

    Why do you keep commenting here? Shut the fuck up and go back into whatever hole you crawled out of. Stick to voting for Bushes and teaching creationism in schools because it’s all TX knows.
    Zilker is a shit park, in a shit town, in a shit state. It’s all yours.

  21. Mike Rodose

    OK. Now you can go fuck yourself, david.

    Sorry we tried to give Texas a 3rd category. Cyclocross.

    Now it’s back to steers and douchebags. You don’t look like no steer, boy.

  22. DavidSucks

    What’s your address you fucking pussy? We can ride from the course to our place and hold a race there.

  23. Cowboys lost!

    Any truth to rumor race was cancelled so park officials could watch the hapless Cowboys lose? In reading articles they mention big worry about 100 year old trees and root structure – wondering why they ever went near that area. I’d love to know how this park got the event – Austin doesn’t need the tourism boost – USA Cycling seems to find new ways to humiliate itself.

  24. Tom

    Mike Rudeose,
    Take it down a notch, Cupcake.

    Nobody said anything about anyone getting sued. Davis was using a normal expression meaning “someone is going to get in trouble for this”. Don’t go getting all Levi or Bolas Azules on the guy.

    No need to badmouth the state of Texas either. You only succeed in making yourself look like an ill informed idiot yet again. Make your point, but, and I realize this is tough, don’t go overboard. You’ll just make yourself look even worse. Grow up.

  25. H Luce

    They could run the race at Menninger Hill in Topeka, plenty of good terrain there, none of it “sacred”, two hotels on the other side of the hill which would appreciate the business, and now that Fred Phelps has left the building, I’d bet Topeka would appreciate the good press. And – no Lance to piss in the cornflakes, which might be what happened… just speculating.

  26. And the Forests will echo with laughter

    The only thing that might kill the ‘Heritage Trees’ is them dying of laughter – at the stupid humans antics.

  27. Michael

    Richmond VA might want to rethink hosting the Worlds since they are going to have to close a road or two to traffic. Shame on Austin for not doing the research and oking the event for a place that could be at risk. Did they talk to previous host city’s? Did the tree’s come up in any previous planning meeting? One big second rate mess in our sport once again. USA cycling should pony up the $100k and chop the tree’s down and use them for barriers.

  28. Mike Rodose


    I’m somewhat concerned about your comments. Seriously. They are threatening and bullying.

    Your comments include inflammatory words, statements and threats. Including…Desecration, Someone is going to Pay for this, Thanks for heads-up on Monday, Wait until…!

    Why? Is Monday when you will make people Pay for the so-called Desecration? Just checking to make sure you’re not insane or really planning on anything hurtful.

    Connecting the dots of your posts might cause concern for nice, rational humans. In fact, I feel you are trying to intimidate, threaten and bully people. On the record, david. Tone it down. Stop it.

  29. Mike Rodose

    Dear Lady.

    Did you hear the wind blow? And did you know? It makes me wonder. Really makes me wonder.

    Yes. There are two paths you can go by.

    But in the long run…there’s still time to change the path you’re on.

  30. Mike Rodose

    USA Cycling should actually help race promoters. They are currently alone in their constant battles to obtain, retain and maintain cyclocross courses. The best properties tend to be the public parks. But…

    Maybe USAC could assist. Lease or purchase some venues (not public parks) so we can have better stadiums for our bike games. On a consistent, repeatable basis. The key is to have Cyclocross stadiums. So to speak.

    But, no. Currently, USAC (and UCI, while I’m typing) just has administrative whales. Oh. And insurance for your events (available easily elsewhere). You must hire these Officials. Fly them to your races. Feed and water them and provide them with lodging and transportation. Pay them. In fact, pay them more than most Elite racers. Twisted.

    So…what to do? Simply write, email and demand that USAC leases or purchases cyclocross courses with appropriate expectations and contracts. With the money we USAC and UCI licensees currently spend on these beluga administrators. No surcharges or collection plates to accomplish these simple venue goals.


  31. channel_zero

    This is my point. As much as we, cyclists, want to believe the sport is bigger than it is, it just isn’t.

    Normal Austinites feel very differently and are completely indifferent to the Lycra wearing bike riders.

    If it were football, all would be forgiven because it is deeper than religion in Texas. It’s not. No breaks, no advantages.

    Acting like prima ballerinas about it hurts us as cyclists MORE.

  32. channel_zero

    Actually, no. The ‘golden rule’ applies in this situation. The promoter doesn’t have any gold to quiet the locals. USAC certainly won’t help the promoter quiet the locals.

    Steve Johnson got $300,000 to ‘manage’ this sh!t show many of you think is a sport for Thom and you guys are mad because Austin parks and rec is following their own stringent rules.

    Based on the votes, some cannot be bothered with basic politics. The result? Alienating people. Great. Some geniuses *believe* the sport would grow anyway. It’s not.

    A decade from now when the sport is still a sh!t show, remember my posts. You won’t and that’s fine.

  33. The Cyclist

    Just outsource the US CX Nats to Belgium from now on… will probably generate more spectators too, and no whining about parks or anythig. Isn’t Austin on some list of most bike friendly cities in US, btw? Maybe that should be re-assessed too…

  34. Luigi

    We should of expected this given the history and economics in Texas. A state driven by the oil industry is naturally going to be extremely sensitive to the health of a few tree roots. Next I hear that BP is planning to cancel a triathlon in the Gulf because of the pollution caused by the sunscreen on the swimmers.

  35. Freddy

    Commenters like Mike Robose and David Sucks and the dirt they spew make all cyclists look like whiny and spoiled children. Their totally low class and hateful comments and add nothing to the conversation. They direct all their anger at one guy when it’s really their cycling federation and to a lesser extent, their Austin counterparts who are responsible for the Austin debacle.

    Whoever sold the responsible parties in Austin on using that site duped them into believing that a cross race with hundreds of riders would not do significant damage to the terrain. It was a case of false advertising. Cyclocross is a winter sport. You have to expect big damage to the terrain even in perfect weather. To expect otherwise is ridiculous. Anyone who knows cyclocross knows that and there should be a plan in place to repair any damage done. We should expect that USA Cycling would also know that and therefore not try to sell someone on an untrue premise. On the other hand, the Austin representatives should also have done their homework and understood exactly what they were getting into.

    If you’re going to blame someone,blame the right people and not some guy who calls himself David and comments on a blog. Maybe Rodose and David Sucks should get together with David from Texas and spread the grass seed on the ruined park. Be part of the solution instead of part of the problem.

  36. Freddy

    Good point. I agree. It was either the race promoter, or USA Cycling who bears the most resonsibility for this fiasco. Whoever fooled the Austiin parks people. The Austin parks people should have also done their due diligence, but whoever sold them on the idea is to blame.

  37. Rob

    People HAVE already paid for it David. By bringing in millions of dollars of revenue to the area through spectators and racers from across the country. You don’t want all that money? Really?

    Well lucky for you, Austin will never get it again.

    Hopefully you’re willing to accept the higher tax rates that will come along with driving these huge events from your community. Have fun.

  38. JB

    Re: “someone’s gonna have hell to pay”: Yes, someone at the City of Austin who approved the race. Cyclocross = mud race.

  39. BikeFred

    Millions in economic impact to Austin. Look at the report commissioned below by Bend. Not only the bottom line is significant, but it is a time of year with some of the highest vacancy rates ie lowest tourism numbers so a perfect time to bring people and their wallets into town.

    IMHO – What has happened is the City or whoever was responsible for bringing the event to the City, has taken the money and 3/4 of the way through providing the service, decided well we are going to make you all pay more and not deliver what we signed up for.

    David is a troll.

  40. Mike Rodose

    Question: The CX Nats in Austin TX were:

    a. Pathetic

    b. Sorrowful

    c. In the rear view mirror

    d. good enough for TX

    e. previously named the Austintistic Games

    f. better if an open-carry rule was allowed

    g. a chapter in No Country for Old Men

    h. all the above. And also. austin would not be on the list for cyclocross. ever again. On the list for Historic roots, yes. Cyclocross, no.

  41. The Cyclist

    Actually I did enjoy watchin the race. That Trebon dude ridin his 20″ bike is allways great fun. The crowd was lot bigger than I expected and beautiul surroundings with the downtown backdrop. Well done Austin!

  42. Mike Rodose

    That Trebon dude is nicknamed TreeFarm, btw.

    Using this Nats debacle, Ryan Trebon might be able to start an actual tree farm in Austin. After the press releases, then Austin would love Ryan TreeFarm and Cyclocross. As they should.

    And we could run races and Nationals on TreeFarm’s property. Slogan to attract and appease Austin people…”No Tree Harm at TreeFarm Cyclocross”.


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