Bunny Hopping

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It is cyclocross season and it seems like what guys at clinics I’ve done get most excited about is trying to learn how to jump barriers.  I tell them that it isn’t really a very important part of the sport.  And by the time it becomes important for them to be able to master it, they would have already done it enough that it would be in their quiver.   But, everyone still wants to at least try it.    Here are a couple videos of great bunny hopping and a little how to do it.  The how to is a little basic, but you’ll get the idea.  And Cody doing it at Nationals last year makes it looks like he’s accelerating as he’s climbing the stairs.  Pretty great!


Jeromy Powers at the World Cup in England last Saturday.


3 thoughts on “Bunny Hopping

  1. le heckleur

    ‘learn how to jump barriers’…is that even possible? kind of a pass/fail kinda thing if you ask me. i do find it sad how many guys have been racing cx for years and still can’t hop even a low set of barriers. guess that’s how it goes if your background is just road racing.

    king shit of bunny hop mountain

  2. Gianni DeAngelo

    It’s really to each their own. Given the scenario, riding is faster than running. The majority of the time, it isn’t any faster, despite the dig you can put in afterwards. There was on Belgium course a few years ago that the barriers were in the last 800m of the race, it was clear, who made it through the barriers the quickest was going to win. But, there were other areas on the course that the winning rider proved he was stronger. Look at Timmy and Powers, when they both had similar engines. Tim could run the barriers as fast as Jeremy could ride them. In my opinion, the best reason to ride the barriers is Mark Thomas’ reason, “I just don’t like running. The longer I can stay on the bike, the more I like it.” Simple enough and honest, if you can master it, then ride them. If not, there are plenty of other areas to improve.


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