1986 Coor’s Classic Video

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Super in a rush right now. Here’s a blast from the past, a video recapping the 1986 Coor’s Classic. I’m in a few shots, Tivoli Criterium in the rain, etc. I was riding for the Levis Team and we won the team competition that year, along with Phil Anderson finishing 3rd overall. Okay, enjoy.

1986 Coors International Bicycle Classic from Marc Williams on Vimeo.

The final team podium at North Boulder Park. Andy Hampsten, me, Phil Anderson, Roy Knickman and Thurlow Rogers.


19 thoughts on “1986 Coor’s Classic Video

  1. Stu

    Steve, where did you finish in that race? Holy shit, I did not realize you had raced against Lemond and Hinault that many times. Kinda puts the whiny cat 1’s in their place when they make comments on how you race.

  2. Ducky

    I remember the Coors Classic as it came through San Francisco in those years. The Fishermans Wharf Criterium and Presidio Circuit Races were the first exposure many of us had to the stars of european cycling and the “Big Leagues”. Steve, you are surrounded by quite a few of the heros of American cycling (and indeed you were also) in that podium pic, along with the great Phil Anderson! Fond memories…

  3. Mike Brown

    Especially knowing his history, I really appreciate Steve’s perspective. Mr. Tilford, thanks for writing here almost every day.

  4. Mark

    That was a great year for cycling in the USA, while the coors Classic was going with Lemond , Hinault , and Tilford , there was also the munsing wear classic In crested butte with Fignon and Grewal.

  5. Jonathan

    Such a great video! Thanks for posting Steve. Without a doubt my favourite era of cycling.

  6. Larry T.

    Great stuff! I popped for the complete DVD series awhile back with a lot of Coors Classic stuff I’d had only on VHS tapes. Still remember the whole “The Badger is coming to America” excitement. I was determined to see him in person before he called it a career – still have a Celestial Seasoning’s water bottle he gave away at the start of the Old Sacramento race. Started my love for the sport big-time, including a trip to Colorado Springs to see the Worlds later that year. Ed Bauman used to tell some good stories from those days, whatever happened to him?

  7. Doubting Thomas

    Great clip- except for all the Longo footage, even then I knew she was doping. As was Hinault et el. I know, it wasn’t EPO, what did everyone use then, the so- called “low octane”? Isn’t this the year 7-11 decided to go “all in”? Still, it was great to see even the superstars trying to not just win the overall but fighting-racing-every day for the stage win. Cool.

  8. Steve Tilford Post author

    Larry-Ed is out in LA, lives in El Segundo. I see him pretty often, nearly every time I go through LA. He is a lighting grip for movies and commercials. Pretty good job for him.


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