Exercise makes you Happy, As Do Cicadas

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I’ve known this for a long time, but I was reading an article over at BikeRadar that addressed how exercise makes people, that are diagnosed with depression, happy. It really doesn’t take a study because, as we all know, we all feel better after riding. The article addresses the endorphins, etc., but there is much more complex that just a bunch of chemicals.

I was thinking exactly the same thing yesterday on the club ride. I haven’t been around Topeka much the past couple months. That is mainly to try to avoid a level of depression, not being able to do a daily routine where I feel productive. But yesterday, was different.

It was super nice going out and riding with the group. It was only 8 or 10 people, but everyone was pretty strong. I have been riding in the wind and it felt great sitting on some, but not too much. The temperatures were in the mid 80’s in the evening, but it was sort of windy. We rode out West to avoid the storms to the East. It really was an uplifting ride. Something that I’ll never take for granted.

It is approaching fall here. I can tell because of the Cicadas. I’ve grown up with Cicadas. Their yearly fall song is something I look forward to. I think the males only sing, but I’m not positive about that. There are 1000’s of different types of Cicadas. I, again, am not sure if the same guys come back to Kansas every year, but I look forward to them.

There is something relaxing about repetition in this respect. I usually try to avoid repetition (cycling is never repetitive), but this is an exception. The song of the Cicadas is nature’s signal to us that summer is starting to wain and fall is fast approaching.

Anyway, whether it was the endorphins or the insects, I did feel much better after riding 2 hours, with friends, yesterday. I guess it’s probably a combination, complex, as life is.




15 thoughts on “Exercise makes you Happy, As Do Cicadas

  1. Josh

    DD, if you don’t care for Steve or his blog then why come here? Your comments are really just childish and annoying “at best”.

    Steve, you are dead on regarding exercise as a form of therapy for depression. Would be great if more people would turn to exercise instead of popping a pill. Unfortunately for a lot of people who suffer from depression just the thought of maybe exercising doesn’t sound enticing. It’s like when I have days where, in my mind, I don’t want to ride but I force myself to anyways. I’m ALWAYS glad that did!

  2. VCScribe

    Cicadas are the sound of high summer down here in Austin. The sound of fall? Shotguns shooting at doves, which can be a little disconcerting when you’re alone on your bike in the country at 7:00 AM on a Saturday . . .

  3. Mike Rodose

    Your enjoyment is increasing as your recovery continues…mind, body and hip. So glad, Steve!

    Regarding cicadas, not my favorite bugs. Too crunchy, lots of press and hype, not trustworthy, slow as fuck. Most people are disgusted.

    Cicadas remind me of Vaughters or perhaps Michael Creed. Yes…Creed! But wait…maybe Tommy D, Levi and the artist formerly known as Lancer. Rhymes with Cancer. That’s how I remember it. Lancer Armcancer.


    Cicadas are nasty little fuckers. Run them over on enjoyable recovery rides. Very glad to see you getting better, Steve!

  4. Mike Rodose

    Big B?!

    Really? Big B? Really? Wow. You must’ve dug deep for that username, genius.

    That’s worse than leaving the Username Field as Anonymous. You have 25 other letters to choose from. But Big B was the winner, huh? Wow. That’s some laziness. Or some seriously stunted creativity. Or your dummy name has a B in it. That must be the naming convention.

    What does Big B. Stand for? Big Bruce? Bad Brutus? Blowy Billy?

    Jesus, man…err, Big B. It’s not Big Brain, as your synapses are as slow as Mike Creed riding a motorized bicycle.

    Lastly. I apologize sincerely, Big Baby, if you are retarded. Perhaps your parents, caretakers, etc. are simply letting you practice online interactions. Please have them send an adult message and we’ll all play along and humor you, Big Braindamage.

    Yaaaaaaaay Big B! Yaaaaaaay.

  5. Li Chin

    Steve, reading your posts leave my spirits, simple as that..
    oh man, cicadas, that was awesome..

  6. Jim B.

    Steve – I was thinking the exact same thing last night on my evening ride. Fall is coming, the cicadas are signing. it was wonderful.

  7. jrem

    We don’t have cicadas in northern Wisconsin, but last night was the first night that I had to ride with arm warmers. Fall is in the air and life is good.

  8. Ken

    One of the saddest aspects of the Robin Williams suicide was that he was a passionate cyclist and we wish it could have saved him. But cycling may have created a better quality of life far longer than would have happened otherwise; I know that my daily rides are my Zen and I hope those were the moments when he felt at peace, and as you say, uplifted – more than fame, money or power. Back here in New England, September and October are, in my opinion, the most beautiful times to ride. I, like you, never take that pleasure for granted.
    Great post!


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