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I got a letter in the mail a couple days ago. Hand written, from Chicago. I thought it was a get well card from someone from Trudi’s family. But, no, it was a personalized invitation to a 125 mile Gentlemens’s Race in Illinois on July 12th. It is called ride 10,000. And the 10K is for the number of feet of climbing. It’s gonna be pretty hilly, with 10 thousand feet of climbing in 125 miles.

I had been planning to do some of these show and go races this year. This isn’t quite a show and go because you need to send your name and team name by email to register. It’s free, no entry.

So, if you don’t have anything planned that weekend and are looking for some pretty scenic riding, which that part of Illinois is, you should think about doing it. All the information you need is here at RideTenThousand.com.

And if you don’t have another race on August 24th and you’re from the East coast, maybe consider doing the Vermont Overland Grand Prix. It’s a 51 mile gravel race with over 5400 feet of climbing. Click here for more information on that one.

The Roman Numeral for 10,000 is an “X” with a line above it.  Pretty cool logo.

The Roman Numeral for 10,000 is an “X” with a line above it. Pretty cool logo.

4 thoughts on “Ride Ten Thousand . com

  1. CW

    lame post today and yesterday. your life away from riding is still interesting!
    maybe even more so,,,

  2. The Cyclist

    This is how it should be done. Something to learn for all these overpriced granfondos with Leipheimer and Co.

  3. Bill K

    A 200K TTT ? I think that I’d rather have my Liver removed.
    I once did a 100K TTT an vowed to never do it again.

  4. Michael Lemberger

    It was a pretty sweet ride actually. My riding pal and I showed up about 5 minutes before the start (got a little lost on the way down) and I couldn’t tell that anybody batted an eye. We got rained on for quite a while, but the course was still beautiful, and no, not all of Illinois is flat.

    Please enjoy a few photos from the day.

    Best wishes on your recovery, and hope to meet you at one of these sometime…


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