15 thoughts on “Aaron Gwin Riding Downhill World Cup with No Tire

  1. The Cyclist

    This pretty much proves two things:

    1. Where the front goes the rear follows (something I learned from old Sheldon).
    2. DH is not real cycling (something I always suspected).

    Quite amazing anyway, but can’t help myself wondering how it would work out for him going the other way with no rear tyre i.e. up the hill. Two meters, three maybe?

  2. Zach

    Awww, man, downhilling is real cycling. It’s a bike with a cyclist on it, right?

    That was impressive stuff ––– he descended faster with a major handicap than I would have descended if I had a full working rig.

  3. dapper dan

    Just because you don’t like DH to say it isn’t real is ignorant. Alot of the people involved in cycling came from motocross backgrounds, but that’s not real either?

  4. The Cyclist

    Yes sir, motocross is defnitely not real cycling. Motocross is very loud and quite annoying. Very annoying actually.

  5. Calvin Jones

    Tubeless failure. Would be interesting to see it 3-4 seconds before the failure. Burped? Bead failure? Gravity waves? Maybe the new DH tubulars featuring 1 pint of glue per rim would have helped- – – only half a joke.

  6. The Cyclist

    Cycling is man powered. DH is gravty powered. Not the same. However, I’m all for bike races down paved mountains in the Alps or similar where cyclists would have to sprint between the switchbacks. That would be real down hill racing and extremely exciting to watch. Try doing that on a bare rim and then we can talk about bike handling skills.

  7. E Peogh

    Sad to see “MONSTER” has invaded bike racing. I thought this was reserved for MONSTER trucks. Uggghhhh.

  8. Scott

    If u watch the video it look like it is burped. It comes off right after a hard turn.


  9. Francisco Mancebo

    The Emir and I enjoy riding our mx bikes all the time. Picked up a KTM 150 last year, that thing is a blast



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