Time Out Day Two

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I don’t like not really posting something, but my mind is a blob right now. I’m better today though. I’m not as sick in my stomach as I was yesterday. And my leg hurts less. So progress is always good. My routine is jacked. Maybe not jacked, but really different than before the broken hip. I’m sleeping from 10 to 4 ish now, then awake until 6 or so, and then back to sleep on the couch, usually, for an hour, before hobbling back to bed somewhere after 7. If I’m lucky I can sleep another hour or so then.

I’m usually waking up at 4 because of a stomach ache. Cinnamon Raisin toast and hot tea seems to make it feel better. I like both those a lot, so maybe that is why. I haven’t drank any coffee at all this week. I had some the day I got out of the hospital, last Wednesday, but not since then. Maybe that was the splitting headache I had a couple mornings ago, I don’t know. I don’t feel a craving for it for sure. Same with wine. I haven’t had any wine since last Wednesday and don’t miss it at all. Guess your body knows what to consume when things go awry.

I’ve been listening to the BBC on NPR from 4 on. Then Morning Edition. Morning Edition gets repeated at 8, so I’ve already heard it by then. The BBC is way more interesting to me than our NPR news. I’m not sure why that is. Maybe it is just more worldly.

I’ve been sitting some on the back porch, before the sun comes up and listening. It seems like the birds all wake up in the same order every morning. It always seems way too early for them to start, but then the sun starts to rise. They always sound so chipper, so happy to be alive, it makes me feel better. I really enjoy it, so there are always these small, ancillary upsides to what seems bad. You just have to look for them.

Okay, that’s pretty much my morning schedule. The rest of the day is way less constant. Sleeping on and off, a little TV, yesterday morning I watched the live feed from the Apple World Wide Developers Conference. I realized how little I use the functions of the Apple products I own. I doubt many of us do much.

Maybe today I can get out a little. It is supposed to thunderstorm tonight. That is always good. Funny how little of things you look forward to when your down and out. That’s about it for now.

Trudi is always in non-stop mode.  She got some straw to cover the garden with yesterday.  Saves on pulling weeds, plus seems to hold the water in better.

Trudi is always in non-stop mode. She got some straw to cover the garden with yesterday. Saves on pulling weeds, plus seems to hold the water in better.

She also got a couple strings of solar lights for the backyard.  A couple of the cats are always around interested.

She also got a couple strings of solar lights for the backyard. A couple of the cats are always around interested.

12 thoughts on “Time Out Day Two

  1. NJRoadie

    Go out and get some Prilosec or the generic equivalent. I had to be on Percocet after a serious crash and it trashed my stomach. The Prilosec helped a lot. Also, eating yogurt was also good.

    I know that you probably don’t want to take any more pills but the Priolsec is really helpful

  2. Nancy Brown

    1 teaspoon of soda in a small glass of water, chased down by some more water or Gatorade is a whole lot cheaper than Prilosec and works wonders for a sour tummy!! Voice of experience speaking.

  3. Richard Wharton

    I’m up at four every morning, and listen to NPR on the way up to the studio, starting around 430. If I leave early, I always catch BBC. Listening to cricket reports is fascinating – I wish I could decipher it.

    When you’re up for it – you MUST write your biography. You’ve done most of the work already, here and in interviews, but it really IS interesting, and you’re cementing your role in the development of different aspects of the sport. Don’t let this hip slow you down, but please DO put something, at least a Part 1, in to an autobiography. Consider me an avid pupil. I can’t wait to read more, and I’m grateful when you share your memories and opinions.

  4. Bob

    I am not one to try ” miracle cures”, but after having severe stomach distress for a few days over the holiday weekend, it looked the emergency room for me, until I tried Kombucha. The Chinese have been brewing this stuff for two thousand years. This stuff seemed to work very quickly, for me anyways.
    Whole Foods has it for like $3.99 a bottle. I would have paid $20 to get the “Alien” out of my stomach. Get the ginger flavored one. Slightly fizzy, not bad tasting at all, contains like 50 different probiotics/cultures.

  5. Joel

    Steve, I broke my hip in a cycling accident in July2013. I am 51. I ended up with a total hip replacement due to the nature of my break being very close to the ‘ball joint’. I know what you are going through with the pain pills and stomach issues. Getting off the heavy pain pills helped my stomach a great deal but it took a while. My doctor reccomended an over the counter product called florastor. I found it helped a lot. Also, like you said, it gets a little better very day. Hang in there. I was able to go skiing for a week straight out in Winter Park Co in December 2013 and had no ill effects. I am also back on my bike with no problems. Wish you all the best.

  6. James Mosley Jr.


    I agree with Linda. Make some ginger tea from fresh ginger root. Just cut off a few pieces, peel them and add hot water. I sweeten my with honey. I also was on heavy pain killers due to an accident. To stay regular, drink aloe vera juice. Just drink 2-4 ounces twice a day. reduce it to 2 ounces if you develop the ‘runs’. I drink aloe vera everyday.

  7. Mike Rodose

    I have absolutely no salves or recommendations.

    Just wanted to wish you well, Steve.

    Bob Marley’s “Three Little Birds “.

  8. steve

    just think the hell you would be in if you were not in top physical shape and trying to deal with this injury. Godspeed and you will be back in no time.

  9. Matt

    I just crashed Sunday and broke 4 ribs…I would not want the broken femur Steve…I’m amazed at how well you handle these things!


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