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I got up at my usual 4 am and tried to write something, but felt sort of down and out. Stomach issues, plus a pounding headache. So, I went back to bed and slept a few more hours. My head feels a tad better, but not my stomach. I’m done with pain pills. My stomach felt weird last night and I think it is because of the Perocet. I was only taking 1 every 6 hours or so, so it isn’t really a big deal. I think I have the flu or something. I’d been feeling too good up until this point, so it is probably just fair. But, what’s fair in this situation? It just is.

So, I’m taking a time out today on the website. I can’t think straight enough to concentrate. I loved the Ryder article at Velonews this morning. Some piece of journalism there. Plus mostly fabrication, so that just adds to the whole beauty of the article. Guess I’ll write about it, again, when I feel better. I did a little post last fall when the news on Ryder came out. Wish these guys would just STFU.

Okay, back to horizontal.

Bromont has been pretty clingy the last week.  He's been a very good friend.

Bromont has been pretty clingy the last week. He’s been a very good friend.

Butt still looks terrible, but seems to be healing up alright.

Butt still looks terrible, but seems to be healing up alright.

12 thoughts on “Time Out Today

  1. Bill

    I think Percocet causes a lot of people to feel lousy. I know that when I took it after a nasty crash, it made me feel like I had the flu. I stopped taking it after only 2 pills.

  2. channel_zero

    Have I doped since? No. Absolutely not, otherwise there would’ve been the appropriate actions.

    Haha!!! Uh huh. Action from whom?

    He’s a great example of the phrase, ” never tested positive!”

  3. Bryan

    Animals seem to have a barometer for how their human feels. I spent a couple of days a few months ago with hurls, high fever, and the general blahs and my cat was right there the entire time.

  4. max


    after i shattered my collarbone last year i was on those damn things for like a week. I felt like SH!T when i gave them up (sort of flu like but with a terrible attitude).

    i hope not to need pain killers that strong anytime soon but next time i do i am asking for non-opiates. i think i found out the reason there are so many pill/heroin addicts in this world.

  5. gerrycurl

    Percoset makes me feel like mentally fuzzy crud. It helps with pain, no doubt. But it doesn’t make the pain go away (you’re still acutely aware you’re in pain). It makes the pain “just not matter” anymore.

    For anyone to become a Percoset addict, they’d have to have some REAL class-a pain.

  6. riverdog

    Stevito….Healing is basically two steps forward and then one step back…kind of like training….in a way it is exactly that. Breakdown and recover…Anyway hang in there…Perc’s are nasty. I would forego them if possible. As you as you can..once the skin is healed up…get into a pool. You can move with no weight bearing and get the blood flowing. Later get some fins and drag your legs in the water with some light movement….it will get you back sooner and it is fun! Good Luck Brother…ie. I have been there…

  7. Scott

    When I had my ACL reconstruction I was on percs for about a day. They made me feel really dirty and gross. I stopped after 4 pills think. The pain was way better than feeling that way. Hope you feel better Steve.


  8. Nathan

    Hang in there Steve,….Michele does the best on Advil combined with Tylenol every four hours as far as side effects. Once she got on the harder stuff, side effects started becoming an issue,….

  9. The Cyclist

    I hate painkillers. And the companies making big dollar on ppl who think that they need them.


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