Sunday Mornings

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I don’t usually have Sunday mornings to myself. I’m nearly always at a race, so not racing is sort of a luxury, even though I’d rather be racing. Today I had to get up a little early because I’m riding out and meeting my team mate, Brian Jensen, and doing a long gravel ride. Actually, Bill and I are going to meet Brian and ride 7 hours. I don’t need to ride 7 hours on gravel, but Brian needs some company, so we volunteered. Brian needs the miles because he’s doing the Dirty Kanza 200 in two weeks.

Today is the last day of the Tour of California. Trudi is packing up as soon as the stage is over, which is early, around noon, and driving a BMC team car to Chattanooga, Tennessee, for the Pro Road Championships. She is planning on coming through Topeka to say hi to Bromont, me and the cats. It’s a pretty long drive.

Yesterday, my friend, Gwen Jorgensen, won the ITU WOrld Trianthlon in Yokohama Japan. She won the event last year too, so that course must suit her pretty well. She and Pat Lemieux(all around good guy and Gwen’s fiance) have been jet setters recently. Over Easter, they were in South Africa and now in Japan. I checked out Gwen’s website to see if she wrote up a race report. She hadn’t updated it yet, but there was a recipe for some oatmeal concoction. It is strange, because I made the exact same breakfast a couple days ago, minus the eggs mixed in. That is what makes it strange. She has other foods she can try too. Obviously, food is a big deal for her. Her blog only has three catagories, food, racing and updates. Anyway, if you want to check out the oatmeal, click here.

I feel bad for Gwen and Pat. I hate the jet lag coming back from Japan. They’re probably flying back to Europe, but no matter which direction you fly from there, it is a long way and really messes up your sleep.

Okay, I’d better get going. I don’t really have any food to carry with me. I ate steak and eggs, with raisin toast this morning. I’m trying out a few new things to see if it helps with riding more consistently. I’m not really into eating red meat much, but for experimentation purposes, I’m doing it. I hope to even out the ups and downs on longer rides. We’ll see.

Gwen winning in Japan last year.

Gwen winning in Japan last year.

Grilled steak last night for this morning.

Grilled steak last night for this morning.

My bowl a couple days ago before adding steel cut oats.  Pretty much the exact opposite of steak.

My bowl a couple days ago before adding steel cut oats. Pretty much the exact opposite of steak.

7 thoughts on “Sunday Mornings

  1. Stoney

    Steve, how’d you feel after your breakfast of steak and eggs? I too am trying to work on my diet to give my body real food that it needs to perform it’s best.

  2. Steve Tilford Post author

    Stoney-I’m not so used to eating any meat, especially in the mornings, so it was sort of just sitting the first couple hours. But I have to say, I felt the best from about 80 miles to 120, and never really had a big swing in energy, so in that regard, it worked great. I’m going to mess around with it a little more. Eat more protein early in the day and then towards the eat of the ride, start taking in carbohydrates and see if I notice a big difference. It might take a big of trial and error.

  3. william stevenson

    Be careful with the steak. Ensure that it did not come from a Spanish butcher, Berto Tilford.


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