Cadel Wearing Pink

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Cadel Evans just took over the leader’s jersey at this year’s Giro. Cadel got into the race lead over a decade ago, in 2002, thus wearing the pink jersey, right after he quit MTB racing. I was positive that he was going to crack. He had that in his personality back then, completely cracking under pressure.

I knew that he was going to have serious problems because I’d raced against him for a long time, on and off-road. Cadel was obviously a cycling prodigy when he was young. He was unbelievably great when he was a junior and U-23, racing off-road. But, he had some issues handling pressure. When the pressure got serious, many times he would completely collapse. I saw it numerous times in MTB races that weren’t even that important. He took the lead in the Giro, 2002, towards the end of the race, and nearly had it in hand, but he was too green to finish it off.

But that was the old Cadel, or maybe more accurately, the young Cadel. Since then, he has won the World Championships and more importantly, the Tour de France. He really doesn’t have to prove himself anymore. So, he rides with that confidence that he’s attained through the years.

I have no idea if Cadel will win the Giro this year. It is way too early to say it’s a done deal. But, if luck is on his side, he stays healthy, upright and focused, he seems to be on the right track to have a stellar result. It is going to be an interesting race to follow.

On the podium today.

On the podium today.

Riding in pink in 2002.  Tyler Hamilton is behind him.

Riding in pink in 2002. Tyler Hamilton is behind him.

Racing in Vail when he was just a kid.

Racing in Vail when he was just a kid.

5 thoughts on “Cadel Wearing Pink

  1. channel_zero

    IMHO, it’s a little early to be GC leader, but the way that one stage worked out, I hope it means he can race aggressively.

    Good luck and safe racing to all the teams this year.

  2. Skippy

    Repeat of the Le Tour in the year he wore the Maillot Jeune for a few days ?

    Surrounded by a good Team these days , so if he relinquishes the Maglia Rose for a few days , so what ?

    Please ask people to NOTE 21st May in LONDON , where ” StopKillingCyclists ” are having an event to wAKE UP the Authorities to the ” attitude ” to Cycling in London .

    Having been riding in a Marked & painted Cycle Lane through a pinch point ( Traffic Island in the middle of the road ) i was rammed in the rear by a double decker bus on the 2nd May . Yes i did get to the Giro in Belfast and rode the 3 routes , slowly & painfully , BUT , since i had to pass through Austria on the way south , i have been unable to motivate continuing south to the last few days of the Giro .

    With cold & wet weather outside , i am nursing the Left side of my body , back to a semblence of fitness .

  3. Joe Masser

    Reading this fished out a memory of eavesdropping on a conversation between you and Cadel, sitting in the next booth over at an I-Hop before a stage of Redlands in ’98. Hadn’t even thought of that in years. If I recall correctly you were quizzing him about his future on the road and whether he could see himself winning the tour someday. Apologies for the invasion of privacy but it was an interesting listen. I was just a 20 year-old kid riding for the Navigators B squad and jazzed to be rubbing elbows with guys like you and the rest of the pros. Thanks for the great reads on this blog–I really enjoy your perspective on the sport.

  4. jed schneider

    Love the photo form Vail. 1993 world cup finals, I think. I think I was third to Cadel and Miguel Martinez there. Steve if you have a copy of those results I’d love to see them.

  5. The Cyclist

    Apparently he’s still cracking under pressure. As today. He lost lots of time on stupid mstakes and very poor descending at the end of the TT.


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