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Are Rest Days that Important ?

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Last year I thought that since I’m getting older, I needed to rest more, so I took a lot more days completely off. I’ve never been much of the type to not ride on rest days, but I thought that I’d try something different to experiment. I didn’t notice that I was coming back fresher, with extra energy to train harder to get a higher level of fitness after resting.

This year I’ve been doing the exact opposite. I’ve had two days completely off the bike since February. And both of those days were long travel days where I couldn’t ride. I also took two days off in February, so that is 4 days off since I started training this year. I only rode 18 hours in January and have nearly 300 hours for the year, so I’ve been riding a lot with not much rest.

Like I said above, I’ve never been much into taking days completely off the bike. When I used to fly every weekend, it would always work out that I would miss a day every once in a while. But I only fly once every couple months now, so I need to try to figure out when I shouldn’t ride. I don’t like to rest because of the way I feel during the rest day. I seem to run out of energy half way through the day and feel pretty out of sorts the whole day.

Today is the day I think I’m picking for May. That leaves a lot of riding the rest of the month. But, even writing that, I’m thinking that isn’t really going to happen. I really should, because yesterday my legs felt pretty beat and I’m pretty sure I didn’t really recover from 4 days of racing in Joe Martin last weekend. Even so, I’d bet it is a 50/50 chance I ride some. I could just do a bike path spin.

I decided to race the Velotek Gran Prix this weekend. It is a local stage race with a hillclimb, criterium, then longish road race. There are only 30 guys signed up for the Pro 1/2 race, so it is going to be pretty hard. There won’t be much sitting in, which is fine by me. I was thinking about doing a MTB race 2 hours west of Topeka at Lake Wilson. I’ve wanted to do the race for a few years now, and had an open weekend. I even went to the trouble of putting new tires on my 29’r. But the weather isn’t going to be conducive for MTB racing. It is supposed to be 95 degrees there Sunday. I’ve already tried racing off-road this year over 90 degrees and it doesn’t work without being somewhat used to it. It’s a $1000 to win the race, but I’m worried it might send me into a horrible slump and there is a lot of bike racing to do the next couple months that I don’t want to miss.

Plus, I’m having a saddle sore issue, so riding MTB isn’t the best thing for that at this moment.

I’m already starting to feel a little out of sorts back here in Kansas. It is close to the worst time of the year for me to be here. I’d hoped that they were done burning the fields, but I think not. Plus the allergies are off the charts, so the air isn’t that great for endurance athletics.

Anyway, I have a couple things to do today if I don’t ride. I flatted a tubeless tire on the gravel yesterday, so have to reseal that, plus I never put on a new tubular after flatting the last stage in Joe Martin, so have to do that too. I’m trying to decide if I should glue on a tire on the rear that wears a little better, not a nice Vittoria CX. Continentals wear way better on the rear, but don’t come close to cornering as well. I’ll have to look and see whats cwhat’s up next week and beyond. I only have one 11 speed race wheel, so I don’t really have a choice of what wheels to race. I might check into trying to convert some of my 10 speed freehubs to 11 speed. You don’t have to take too much metal off the back to allow the 11 tooth cog to engage.

I guess I have enough to keep me busy today, so maybe the chances of not riding have went up to 60/40.

Training so far this season.

Training so far this season.

Weather forecast for Lake Wilson Kansas.  Crazy for May.

Weather forecast for Lake Wilson Kansas. Crazy for May.

Trudi flew her mom down for a couple days and they’ve been staying in KC, on The Plaza. I met them, with Bromont, last night in Lawrence for dinner.

3 Day Early Weekend

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Today is an early start to a 3 day early weekend. I had to get going super early, at least for me, drive to Lawrence to be Woodlawn Elementary School and do a bike safety day gig with my TradeWind Energy guys. We’ve bought a lot, 237 to be exact,, bicycle helmets and are fitting each kid with a new helmet. Plus, we doing a little bicycle safety lecture, setting up an obsticle course for the kids to ride, etc. I’m all for it, except for the lack of sleep.

After the school deal, we’re going to ride over to the 1st stage of the Velotek Race, a 2 minute hillclimb, and pre-ride the course. Then I’m going to ride the 40 miles home. I don’t think I’ve ever ridden the hill, but what could be there to see? Trudi is going to ride over to Lawrence, after taking a few cats to the vet, then drive the van back to Topeka, while Bill and I ride.

Saturday and Sunday, both the races start at 8 am. And they are 40 minutes from my house. I don’t like racing that early in the morning. I don’t think it is healthy. At least not for me.

I managed to not ride my bike yesterday, but I did stand around on my feet for a few hours, if that counts. I really would have liked to ride, but held firm not to. I felt like I was really clogged up by allergies, and riding somewhat clears that up, but I just stayed stuffy all day and night. We’ll see if it helped or not.

I’m trying to get my Strava form number out of the negatives. (See below.) I’m not really sure what the form number means, but it hasn’t been a positive number in a while. It seems like you would want positive form. I’d better read up on it a little.

Okay, I need to get driving. I’m picking Bill up, getting some coffee and calling it good.

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