Thinking about some MTB Racing

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Nothing like this though. Lots of risks here. I hope the rewards were comparable.

13 thoughts on “Thinking about some MTB Racing

  1. Rod

    I think one would have less chance of serious injury on that downhill run than in the Athens Twilight Crit.

    Incredible bike handling.

  2. Jeff

    My armpits and palms are drenched just watching…dude is fearless and makes crit racing look like kiddie skills.

  3. The Cyclist

    Well, he’s powered by gravity. Personally I would like to see him go the other way. Up that ridge intead. That would be real hard man cycling.

  4. Francisco Mancebo

    that’s just a mountain bike thing, I ride for Skydive Dubai and let me tell you – its much scarier than that

  5. channel_zero

    If Paco doesn’t motor pace behind one of the King’s Rolls Royces, then he ends up in jail!

    All kidding aside, where do you train? It seems like heat would be a problem about now.

  6. Francisco Mancebo

    The UAE is so rich that over 50% of it is enclosed in an air conditioned sports bubble, they do not allow outsiders to witness this marvel. The heat, camel, sand thing is all for show. When we trick tourists into visiting and they all complain about the heat, we laugh. The joke is on all the honkies, its the UAE way of getting back at the West


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