Couldn’t Make the Official Start of my First MS150

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Okay, I’m posting this on my iPhone because all my bags left me at the crack of dawn for the real start of the Houston MS150.

We, my TradeWind Energy guys, had an “official team meeting” and it was decided that since I slept so little on Thursday night, 4 hours, that it was nearly impossible for me to make it to the packet pick-up at 5:30 am this morning, so we might as well start at a reasonable hour. We’re meeting for breakfast at 8, all ready to ride, and then just riding from the hotel. It’s an extra 20 miles, but that’s better.

So, I don’t have any numbers or MS packet stuff. I hope that isn’t a big issue. I was my surprised to hear, at the end of the meeting of course, that there are 13,000 people riding this. That is a lot. It might be sort of slow going initially.

I rode over to a meal with my Clean Line Energy Team last night. We’re staying with them tonight on a ranch somewhere between Houston and Austin. All the guys are somehow affiliated with wind energy somehow. Clean Line lays the transmission lines for wind farms I think. All nice people.

Okay, it we’ll be fun riding with Bill, Brian and Nick for two days. Low key I hope. I’m a little tattered.

Okay, I hate eating in a cycling kit, but I hate not sleeping enough more. I’d better suit up and get down there. I bet Bromont missed me last night.

20140411-225032.jpgbrian not be elevator last night taking his bag to the car. All we have is what we’re riding in.

20140411-225207.jpgmy buddy from the dinner last night. He doesn’t get to do the ride.

Houston has some crazy interchanges.

And really bad traffic on Friday afternoons.

Luxury last night. Just me, a king size bed and my bike.

6 thoughts on “Couldn’t Make the Official Start of my First MS150

  1. mike crum

    hey steve, havent heard a reply on my question from a few days ago, so i’ll ask again. on the 100 mile ride you did the other day, how does john howard do? i know he was a great bike rider and i imagine he still is, but i was just wondering if when the pace really went fast he was able to keep up..hope he is still fast enough and strong enough that he didnt get dropped.. just sitting in on a long fast ride at his age is his youth, i bet he could have led the whole way, but i’m curious as to how fast he still is on these fast group rides. guys an inspiration..thanks

  2. seis pendejos

    Mike Crum, no disrespect intended but ST has just put out 2 or 3 blogs in a row sayong how exhausted he is. And with his tight schedule I doubt he had an opportunity to stop and answer questions that he might not have the answer anyway.
    Cut him a little slack, ok?

  3. Rod

    JH more than keeps up; he’s still extremely fast.

    Guys like him and Tilford have the both the genes and the drive, and that combo keeps them competitive with guys and gals a lot younger despite their age. JH lives in my hood, and also rides from his house to the starting site which adds ~12-13 miles each way. For god’s sake…he’s JOHN HOWARD!

  4. mike crum

    thanks rod. and with your comment, i take it JH didnt get dropped when the hammer went down.. thanks


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