Riding from Houston to Austin

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I’ve only got a couple more days in California. My team sponsor, TradeWind Energy, is doing a group ride, the Houston MS150, that goes from Houston to Austin. It’s 170 miles or so, which is good for the weekly total. It’s nearly 1400 miles to get there, which is a little ugly, but I eventually had to get back to the Midwest. Trudi is flying back to Kanas City on Monday, right after Paris-Roubaix.

I’m going to drive to Austin, leave Bromont at my friend’s Ann house, to entertain her dog Lulu, and then rent a car and drive to Houston, to ride back to Austin to get the van and Bromont. Then drive to Kansas City on Monday, hopefully in time to pick Trudi up at the airport. It should be a hectic 5 days.

Anyway, all the riders, plus some of the corporate guys that ride are driving down from Kansas to participate. I’ve never done a charity ride before, other than bike tours and races that give the entries to charities. I paid $130 to enter, but I’m supposed to raise a minimum of $400 in donations for the MS society too. Since I started a little late, I figured posting it here is probably the best way to reach the most people. So, if you have a little something to donate, click here to get to the link to donate. It doesn’t take long and it’s for a good cause. Thanks.

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8 thoughts on “Riding from Houston to Austin

  1. Stu

    Perfect timing on the t-shirt ride Steve. There is currently a raging argument going on over at the Oklahoma Road Cycling facebook page about this very topic. Specifically, your favorite loud mouth racer boy Waddell is ranting about the way people behave on t-shirt world championship rides. The guy seems a little butthurt at the fact that somebody always has to “win” at the Redbud classic or any other t-shirt event. Can we get your thoughts on this Steve? His argument always boils down to “you’re not as fast as me so I get to tell everyone else how to ride”. Here is the post (WARNING: wall of self-righteous text): https://www.facebook.com/groups/197398420385514/permalink/308413792617309/

  2. Francisco Mancebo

    I just spoke with the Emir, he will give you $1,000,000 for your cause and one of Uday Hussein’s cars that was picked up at his estate sale. Its was once Sylvester Stallone’s Hummer. We will have it delivered to Kevin Livingston (Mellow Johnnies basement). Just go to the service desk and say “plum smugglers”. They will get Kevin and he will hook you up. Travel safe

  3. Mike G.

    The BP MS150 is not currently a competitive ride. It’s comprised mostly of corporate teams.
    When it WAS just a T-shirt ride, the fast group rode it like a one-day team time trial until the Austin City Limits sign.
    A few folks would do it the one-day way, albeit a bit off that pace, but the rest stopped at the Fayette County Fairgrounds for all the food and hoopla that is provided, and make it a two-day affair as the organizers intended.
    The corporate theme makes it more of a team-building evet than a competition…

  4. Rod Lake

    Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. Wadell and Erdoes go off on people in public and then have to apologize. What’s the definition of insanity? Pretty funny how they spent so much time worrying about their “rules” for a charity ride. My experience: any time two or more guys get together on bikes and there is a start/finish line, it most certainly will get competitive. Applying Jason’s secret handshake rules of road racing are not applicable to T-Shirt rides. If you’re a racer you have two choices: 1. Don’t participate; 2. Participate and accept the ride for what it is and don’t let your ego get caught up in what others are doing. Not everyone has to comply with your reality.


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