In a Hurry

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I’m kind of out of time already and the day has hardly started. I was in Lawrence until after 2 am and am heading back now. Yesterday went super slow on the remodeling front. I rewired an electrical box, having moved it, but one three-way switch didn’t work right. I spend a couple hours trying to fix it, then called my brother Kris. I can’t really proceed with the drywall, etc., without getting the electricity working right. Long story short, someone had rewired the other end of the three-way, at a box in the hallway, and they had just put one wire on the wrong side of a switch. So, I spent the majority of the day being hung up with a problem that was solved by a 2 minute fix. Shit.

Anyway, I put up the drywall. It is always a challenge making it flush with existing wall. The walls and ceilings here are a 1/2 layer of drywall, covered with plaster. The drywall has holes in it that allowed the plaster to impregnate it. Kind of cool, I haven’t seen it before.

I used plaster of Paris to fill in the big gaps. Mam, is that strange stuff. I have no idea why the name seems so familiar. I think, maybe, we played with it in kindergarten. Anyway, it has a working time of nothing. Like 5 minutes. Perfect for my situation, but you don’t want to mix much up at a time. I put on some rubber gloves to try to make a little sculpture with some extra, but it hardened up too fast In finally just made a ball, about the size of a grapefruit. It got super hot. Lots of chemical reaction there.

There is a winter storm watch here and it is supposed to snow 7 inches later. I hate waiting for drywall compound to dry. So, I’m going to head over there now, put a thick layer on and see if I can accelerate the process. I’ll post something more interesting than this, which most likely only entertains me, later.

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This is where I'm at now.

This is where I’m at now.

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