5 thoughts on “Long Way Home

  1. David H

    If you’d like a good reason to make another long drive next weekend, you should do the Palo Duro Canyon mountain bike race in Amarillo, TX:


    It’s a “marathon” event with last year’s winner (Russell Finsterwald) setting the course record at 3:06. The trails are great, the canyon is scenic, and as always the mountain bike race vibe is a good one. There is nothing terribly technical so it shouldn’t tear up your shoulder.
    Just an idea…

  2. H Luce

    I’d say that you need some serious R&R, and if you don’t do it, your body will help you to do it. Give your body time to heal, or you’ll just wind up hurting yourself more and you’ll destroy any ability you have left to do well in a race.

  3. RW

    Steve what are your thoughts on them allowing 11-12 year olds to line up with 110+ person fields of elite masters/U19? Massive crash on Sunday at the start when one of these kids crossed wheels. Took out 50-60 riders (or more) and sent some to the hospital.

    I barely made it out of there in one piece.

    The promoter says he is bound by the series rules so not his problem.


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