Changing a Flat Without Hands

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If you think that you have some issues to overcome, maybe rethink them after watching this video. I don’t have any idea how you get to the point where anyone could do this. It is a true testament to perseverance, patience and fortitude. I can barely do this with a gimpy thumb and sore shoulder. It is very inspirational. Okay, that is all the videos for today, I promise.

5 thoughts on “Changing a Flat Without Hands

  1. wheelman61

    I am impressed and humbled. The man is obviously a veteran roadie, note the way he uses his stump to check the inside of the tire casing for glass etc. Thanks for posting and helping me realize that I am truly fortunate

  2. Bill K

    I guess that I shouldn’t complain when I have to fix a flat on one of those days where your fingers are numb from the cold and everything is wet from almost freezing dew.

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