12 thoughts on “Horner Today – Tour of Spain

  1. Skippy

    Well Chris promised he would deliver ! Look at Wurf’s take on the day : http://cyclingtips.com.au/2013/09/cameron-wurfs-vuelta-diary-a-bit-banged-up/

    Guess there was a good bit of luck for any that got to the race start line w/out injury ? My bidons take a bit of effort to get out of the holder , guess this is one of the ” Marginal gains ” some teams speak of ?

    Does Chris do any ” Ads ” for Mars bars these days ? Surely that is what helps him beat those that say they do not use PEDs ?

  2. Matt

    Wow…cynics abound! I go back and forth on the whole thing. I hate the dopers, but am a fan of the racing! Not happy that the dopers are right back where they were…but not gonna throw Horner under the bus til there is a positive or some proof.
    I thought today was great…

  3. jeff

    Bingo Matt. How can you not get behind Horner when Basso and Valverde were in pursuit? Something striking here is how alone Horner seems despite how well he is doing. At almost 42, it’s a lot like the book The Yellow Jersey. I have no doubt that he’s got his secrets but I’m really feeling like being behind him right now, and hope he can hold on. It looks like he might, glancing at the next few stages.

  4. channel_zero

    Haha! Waiting for a positive? You’ve heard the phrase “Never tested positive” before, right? The bio-passport is an IQ test with the cycling federation the only one with any authority to open cases. We know they have positives for which no case is ever opened. PED use is very easy to do in below-positive amounts. Peptides are transforming sport.

    All that said, I’ve heard it said that the mind is really the thing that goes away for most athletes. For whatever reason, they can’t/don’t focus and keep up all the sacrifices required to stay an elite athlete.

    I won’t be surprised if he’s as dirty as the rest. Disappointed that the federation still treats fans like sh!t reselling “cleanest peloton ever” every year.

  5. Mike Rodose

    Horner is going very fast for long distances, daily, for many days without needing much rest.

    Seems normal.

  6. mike crum

    he’ll be crying at the podium holding a news confrence in a few years admitting he took drugs. these cheaters allways get caught.. his name will be on the wikipidias list of the 100000000000000000 cyclists that got busted taking drugs and cheating..


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