Dale Stetina Seriously Injured

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I received an email a little while ago telling of a horrible accident that my friend, Dale Stetina had. Dale is the father of Garmin rider, Peter Stetina, and brother of Wayne Stetina, Shimano guy. Dale crashed while descending a canyon outside of Boulder and is in serious condition at a Boulder hospital. I contacted Wayne and he is flying out tomorrow morning to stay. Anyway, I know a bunch of you that read this are friends and acquaintances of Dale’s. I hope only the best for Dale and a speedy recovery. Email below.

Friend of Dale,

I am so sorry to be delivering you this email, but Dale’s wife Anne asked me to reach out to his good friends and fellow cyclists. Today as we descended from Ward in Left Hand Canyon, Dale was involved in a serious bicycle accident that was caused by a vehicle pulling onto the road as he descended towards it.

Dale did not hit the car, but hit the pavement, landing face first, suffering significant facial and ocular damage, and loss of responsiveness. EMTs were on the scene rapidly, he received good care. He was flown to Boulder Community Hospital in a Flight for Life helicopter. He is there now in ICU.

The CatScan diagnosis revealed Brain Stem injuries. The neurosurgeon describes the injuries as very serious. Dale is in tough shape. The future of Dale’s recovery is not known at this time, the doctors have offered no predictions. His vital signs are stable given the trauma he encountered. We are all hopeful.

Dale on the cover of Velonews after winning the Coor's Classic in 1983.

Dale on the cover of Velonews after winning the Coor’s Classic in 1983.

Dale and Wayne Stetina at the Pro Challenge a couple years ago.

Dale and Wayne Stetina at the Pro Challenge a couple years ago.

Dale, 2nd for the front, at the Nevada City Criterium.  I'm out of the picture, obscured, but my team mate Andy Hampsten is there along with Chris Carmichael and a few others.
Dale, 2nd for the front, at the Nevada City Criterium. I’m obscured, but my team mate Andy Hampsten is there along with Alexi Grewal, Chris Carmichael and a few others guys I know.

Crash scene.

Crash scene.

22 thoughts on “Dale Stetina Seriously Injured

  1. Bikeguy

    I raced against Dale and Wayne many years ago. Needless to say, they always kicked my but.
    I can only wish for a speedy and complete recovery for Dale.

  2. Capt Kirk

    My best wishes go out to Dale and his friends and family. I was in a bicycle crash last week where all came to a sudden halt with my head and face meeting the asphalt. Luckily the helmet absorbed the majority of the impact and noes of the face were spared from breaks. No brain injury or spinal as mentioned with Dale’s accident. I will keep him in prayer for improvement and recovery.

  3. Nick McGurk-9News

    Hi, my name is Nick McGurk from 9News. Is there anybody who might be willing to talk with us about Dale and/or what happened yesterday? We know he’s had such a storied career and we’re hoping for his recovery. I thought maybe a family member or friend might be willing to share some fond memories of Dale. We don’t know many details about what happened yesterday either. Thank you. (970) 218-5530, [email protected]

  4. Lisa Morzel

    Dale and his family, Ann, Peter, Claire. and Kate are in my thoughts and prayers. I have had the honor and pleasure of knowing them well over 26 years as they live a few houses from mine. We raised our children together from infancy. Dale is an incredible man of very high ethics, integrity, and just a lovely person. This is so sad. We all need to stand by this wonderful family and pray Dale recovers. Heading back to Boulder from Yellowstone.

  5. Michael Carter

    Tragic accident. We love a sport that is so dangerous and unpredictable. Dale was my very first coach – the guy is a genius!

    My thoughts and prayers go out to him, his family and the medical team watching over him.

  6. Larry T.

    It’s hard to know what to type in a situation like this besides the trite “best wishes” etc. The guy was out there at 57 still enjoying what he loved to do, riding his bike. How many guys his age can’t get their fat-ass off the couch? However this ends up Dale Stetina was an inspiration to a whole lot of cyclists, then and now, and he lived life to the fullest I’d bet. Buona fortuna Dale.

  7. Erskien Lenier

    Dale and Wayne inspired me to take up road racing way back in the 1970’s. I was even briefly a part of the Indy Cool Gear – Exxon team they led. They also inspired me to become a Raw Fruit – Vegan or Fruitarian. Long live the Stetina Clan…. Dale is having a pow wow on the on the other side to see what the next season of his life is supposed to be all about…. Stay tuned… He’ll Be Back!

  8. Chuck

    Dale Stetina has always been a cycling hero of mine. As a kid, I watched and cheered both him and Wayne with great vigor at the Red Zinger/Coors Classic. I soon started racing after the first time seeing them race; the highlight every year was the Red Zinger Mini Classic for kids. Every year Dale was there in support of that race and us kids. A few years after that he was the coach for the 7-11 junior development team and I would see him pretty much weekly throughout the season. Despite being on another team, he would always say hello and ask how I was. Some people are just high quality people and exude that through their being. Dale is one of them. I wish him the best and speedy recovery. Get well Dale.

  9. joe

    The Stetina Brother’s are legendary names in USA cycling lore. Learning of Dale’s tragic accident should give us all pause that everytime we swing our leg over the saddle….we are taking a risk in traffic. My thoughts are with his family and Peter. I pray that all turns out well. Thank you Steve for the photos…pls post more of Dale in the day…joe

  10. Andrew

    Was inspired seeing Dale at the Nevada City Crit back in the 70’s-

    Am currently recovering from a broken hip sustained in a road cycling incident myself at the age of 62,but the gravity of Dale’s injury makes mine pale in comparison.

    My heart reaches out to Dale and the cycling community aware of this terrible and preventable accident.
    Please all those reading this remember just how vigilant we must remember to be regarding the perils imbued in our wonderful sport!

  11. Nancy Wilson

    I met Dale when he was riding Intermediate- He is one of the strongest people I’ve ever known. I hope and pray and believe he will be all right. Like his mother once said to me after the worst crash of my life: “You can’t keep a good man down.”

  12. J.Lovell

    My heart and thoughts are with Dale and the entire Stetina family at this most difficult time. Dale is a member of cycling Royalty and has not only always been a great sportsman and a most important part of American cycling history,but an athlete and man who always has held himself to the highest standard. I really feel for all those closest to him. Wherever fate brings Dale now, he will remain a man held in the highest regard by those who saw his gleeming spirit in the thick of many battles. Those experiences will serve him well– as will the Love that will be felt by all who have seen what he is made of.


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