Bradley Wiggins – Dimwitted?

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“Even with all the problems cycling has had with the American guy, it is still growing all the time. People love it and that is fantastic,” he told The Daily Mail. This is Bradley talking about how well the sport is doing now.

I don’t know Bradley. Really, I don’t want to know Bradley. That being said, he must be clueless, a dim wit and/or naive. He is taking the problems of the sport of cycling the last couple years and saying it was the deal of “the American guy”? Wow. He pretty much simplified it all down to a neat little package. I think he must have missed all the other dozens of riders, mostly European riders, that have come out recently and said that they cheated and doped. He must have missed the results of the French senate inquiry too.

And he must have missed all the constant questions he received last year at the Tour, and his team mate, Chris Froome was bombarded with this year, about how riddled the sport is with doping. I don’t think Lance’s name had much to do with the on going crisis now. Lance is yesterday’s news now.

I think it is so strange that here we have all the American team mates of Lance’s, over the years, confessing and serving at least some suspension, when the majority of every Tour team that Lance rode on was foreign riders. I don’t quite get why none of those guys have served any time outs? It seems weird and unfair.

Well, Bradley, maybe you should just kept living in your little bubble and not watch your team mates race the Tour de France. And then you can not congratulation your team mate, Chris Froome, for winning the Tour this year.

I hear that Chris Froome is a really nice guy. Nice enough to not bash Bradley publicly. Not so for his fiance, Michelle Cound. She had no problem publicly stating her opinion about Bradley. Seems that she and Bradley’s wife, Catherine got into a little cat fight on twitter.

Anyway, maybe modern communication just doesn’t get up to the top of the mountain in Tenerife or Bradley’s self imposed media fast denies him access to the current happenings of the sport. That would explain his lack of understanding of how giant and broad the public’s perception of the issues of doping in the sport are currently and how it isn’t just “the American guy” deal.

Chris's public relations coordinator, which happens to be his fiance.

Chris’s public relations coordinator, which happens to be his fiance.

15 thoughts on “Bradley Wiggins – Dimwitted?

  1. Prestachuck

    During the 2012 TDF, Froome could have rolled away from Wiggo anytime he wanted to.
    He did most of the hard work to keep Wiggo at the head of the race.
    Wiggins couldn’t bear to watch? “Too painful?” Is he twelve years old? What a jerk.
    Wiggins needs to grow up, swallow his pride, and congratulate Chris Froome on a job well done in 2013, and thank him for helping to win the 2012 TDF.

  2. Bobby

    I guess I have to agree somewhat with Wiggins that the American guy (Armstrong) and his teams (Postal/Discovery/Astana) did huge damage to the sport of cycling. They were an embarrassment to me (an American) and to many fans of the sport of cycling. We Americans need to look ourselves in the mirror and accept the fact that Armstrong, Wiesel, Johnson, Carmichael Leipheimer, Danielson. Vaughters, Ochowitz, Vande Velde, Zabrieski, etc. are losers and, in my book, major black marks on the history of cycling.

    Steve, I hear your point that it was not only the Americans, but also the Europeans and eastern block athletes, who were cheating the system. I agree. But somehow I think that Armstrong and company took it to a new level and made a mockery of the sport. I am encouraged by what seems to be a desire from those in the sport to clean it up and move it forward.

  3. Skippy

    Over the years i have had good contact with both Chris & briggo . Whenever i meet Chris regardless of the company , he will address me as Skippy and chat , not easy with so many others demanding his time , or cutting across the convo because they are JOURNOS ( exempt from rudeness?) whilst organising photos .
    With briggo when riding together can get mono replies , rarely will shake hands in front of an audience let alone engage in convo . Puts it down to trying to stay in “The Zone ” , even after the event has concluded .

    Example of this was in Hampton Court , at Team Hotel before Olympic ITT . Shook hands and Photoed with All the Phinneys , JaJa , Silvain &Lady French Champ , Tony Martin & several others . As briggo was resting in the Foyer , i offered my hand and it was ignored , as i suggested he would win that day . Again ignored as he came out the Front door , however Chris came across and as we exchanged handshakes , i said ” Get out there and kick ASS , we ALL know you are the BETTER Racer .

    As things turned out , Chris came in 3rd and his ” eminence won ” . Cancellara also behaves in the same way although it could be the Swiss arrogance ?

    briggo will continue to turn up at events , speak at length about his ambitions , but with ALL the Media & Sponsorship Deals in his corner , really needs to do nothing more than show willing . I am certain that there is no hunger let alone NEED to excell in the future ! When with Cofidis , he would have had ” Doping ” pushed in his face , DAILY , see his ” rants ” and my blogs . With Dave Millar , Matt White and now Stuey O’Grady , either convicted or admitting their PED Practices , even wearing blinkers , he would have heard their discussions , whilst the Team being thrown out of the TDF caused him Personal Awareness , if he was trying on the ” 3 Monkeys act “?

  4. The Cyclist

    Concur. But he’s a bit easier on the eye now he ditched his sideburns. Does this make him a little more likeable? I guess it does. At least visually and from a distance.

  5. The Cyclist

    So why didn’t he (Froome) win all the TTs then? 2012 TdF was unfortunately all about time trialling.

  6. Betsy

    Wasn’t Wiggo very defensive and protective of lance before the USADA report came out and it became safe to publicly state an adverse opinion of him?

  7. Nancy

    I agree with you that Bradley had a trouble. I disagree with you with the rest. I think these guys were caught with Lance and they were lucky to get 6 months ban during the off season and keep their jobs but not Levi. It is hard to believe that they are still racing without drugs and they haven’t done anything to convince the public about it and I think I read a few times that dopers don’t become clean in the middle of their pro career. For the Euro’s that were recently involved in doping scandals, they talked but they could not get sanction due to the limitation time period. Anyway, if they lose their job as Frank Schleck, Bobby Julich, Matt White or the Dutchs (Steven deJohng), rivals teams will fight to hire them back. Can you find any DS that were not involved with doping?

    For me, the more I like cycling, the more that I hate pro cycling. For sure, the doping problem in cycling will never go away and it will be part of the news and we will look ridiculous to enjoy or admire the race, pro cyclist. The police or custom seems to be the only efficient authorities to regulate the doping problem or find dopers in this sport.

  8. David French

    To Skippy:

    I’ve never met any of the people you are talking about, but some people don’t shake, or talk much in certain social settings. I have some very talented, hardworking friends like that. We never would have become friends if I assumed I was getting blown off when I didn’t get a handshake and some chatter.

  9. Bobby

    Oh sorry, I forgot to add Floyd Landis, Tyler Hamilton and George Hincapie to the list of big name American Pros implicated for cheating/PED use. I guess there were more, but these three and the above 10 were some of the highest profile American racers and their “enablers.”

  10. Robert E

    I watched that entire clip on Wiggins. Thats worth a watch. He just is what he is. But I dont think there is any maliciousness there. Thanks for sharing that.


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