4 thoughts on “Pretty Awesome Finish

  1. Forrest Gladding

    When I was 8 years old in 1982 I watched Davis Phinney win the US Pro Championships in Baltimore. Davis invited me up on stage and gave me his autograph, I still have it. It is awesome to see his son have success!

  2. Steve Tilford Post author

    Forrest-I’m thinking that was 1983? I rode the race in 1982, finishing 5th ? I think.

    In 1983, I was flying back from the British Milk Race that day and had a layover in Baltimore. I was traveling with Andy Hampsten and knew the race was on TV. They had these little black and white TV’s that were hooked to chairs and you put in quarters to run them for 10 minutes or so. Andy and I sat together in one chair watching Davis and Bauer ride off the front that day. Both were amateurs. But, we had to leave to get on our plane before the finish. Man, it was hard not watching that finish.

    USCF never gave me my prize money from the year before, but Davis somehow convinced them to pay him the next year, even though he was an amateur. Those were strange times.


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