5 thoughts on “Preserving Our Past

  1. trounder

    Thanks for sharing this. Growing up, my sister and I would stay with our grandparents for a couple of weeks in the summer. Their neighbor was a widower who built bikes from miscellaneous parts and sold them to neighborhood kids for a few extra bucks. Priced right for kids who sold papers, mowed lawns, or saved their allowance all year ($20-$25 avg price for your very own hand built bike in the mid-80’s). If we asked his permission, we were allowed to “test ride” all of the bikes. It was the most awesome thing for an 8 year old kid. He made some crazy bikes over the years, and we loved every one of them. The guy in this video reminds me of him, and reminds me of the joy of being an 8 year old kid staring at a row of gleaming, two-wheeled fun machines…and being able to go for a bike ride.

  2. Brent

    I still wish you would do a blog on some of the steel bikes you road back in the day. Your thoughts on them, how they road, positives, negatives, how you may have road them differently, how they compare with your rides today.


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