Rock Island Criterium – Quad Cities

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This is going to have to be short. We decided to stop in Des Moines and somehow I lost my phone this morning. I had to finally drive to a McDonalds and get online and go to the Find My Phone App. It turns out it was in Catherine’s bag. I must of had it in my hand when I moved her bag so Bromont could get into the van. It was a frustrating morning so far.

So, we have 3 1/2 hours back, plus I have to go by the airport to get the Honda Insight that Trudi left flying to Pro Natz. I’ll do a write up of the race later. Adam Leibovitz made it a hat trick. That is the first time I can remember one guy winning all three criteriums here. Unreal. Okay, have to get driving.

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One thought on “Rock Island Criterium – Quad Cities

  1. Jojo

    Looking forward to your review of Pro Natz. IMO women’s race was great – although they replayed that wheel change ad nauseum.
    The Men’s race was saved multiple times by Busche. He really wanted it, but had no support. I think he went for it 5 different times by himself or with a small 4-5 person group. Same story there as last year when he was so strong and no one helped him in the 5 man breakaway – he was the only one pulling before and after Duggan went off the front. Glad to see him fight to the very end tho.
    Lastly, very glad to have you racing again – even if it is far from your usual fitness and abilities. Great blog.


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