Spring in 2 Days

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It is very hard for me to believe that the month of March is 2/3’s the way over. Spring officially starts in just 2 days. I’m glad it is because it means that I’m just that much further down the road on recovery from this stupid shoulder surgery. But, I am surprised because that time has definitely changed speed during this slow mending process. Sometimes the day seems forever, but then a week disappears in the blink of an eye.

I don’t usually have much trouble entertaining myself. But feeling down and out for so long, plus a lack of use of my right arm makes productively almost nil. That doesn’t sit that well with me. I got good news from Stacie, my ortho doctor now, that I don’t have to wear the arm sling after 4 weeks. So I took it off Saturday night and haven’t worn it since. But, I am still not supposed to fire any shoulder muscles, so my arm just hangs pretty much.

I have been very successful catching cats, the one project I sort of wish I failed at. Yesterday I got another kitten-ish cat. And it’s not feral. But it was starving, sickly so. This one is going to be a problem. It is so tame and so appreciative for food. And it loves to be petted. This isn’t a catch and release type cat, it’s a cat that needs a home. I’ve pretty much tapped out my friends on adopting kittens locally, so I’m not sure where this little guy is going to end up. Anyone out there looking for a kitten, bigger than kitten, type cat, this one is a keeper. Just email me.

There has been plenty of sports spectating to do this past couple weeks with the early stage races of Paris-Nice and Tirrento, along with Milan-San Remo yesterday. That isn’t even counting the NCAA basketball games that ended the regular season, now the tournament. Other than the Tour, the NCAA basketball tournament is my favorite sports viewing of the year. KU has a pretty good team this year, got a #1 seed in the tournament, but you never know what is going to happen, just because it is college basketball.

If you want to watch some racing this week, the Volta a Catalunya is on. Live coverage now here. This is where that the 3 Garmin guys, Danielson, Vande Velde and Zabriskie are making their return to the peloton after sitting out the winter because of their suspensions. Wiggins is racing here too.

Spring here in Northeastern Kansas means that the field burning is going to get into full swing soon. I hate this time of the year here. I don’t quite understand why I react to the smoke so much more than I used to, but it makes me feel terrible. I try to just leave the state at this time. To me, it seems like something that is of the past. It is only for cattle grazing and to me, it seems like people’s health is more important than fattening up cattle a bit. The EPA has been addressing it slowly, but it’s way too slow for me. And their “cure” has been to just spread the time frame out another month, which means I have to train in smoke thru May. It is unreal.

My team mates went down to Arkansas for a little warmer training, plus the Hell’s Kitchen Road Race last weekend. Brian Jensen won the race and Bill finished 4th. Brian is undefeated this season with 3 wins under his belt. I wonder how long this streak will last?

I have physical therapy in a hour. I think I get to start passive, full range of motion today. My shoulder feels pretty loose, so I don’t think it is going to be a problem. I’ve been riding inside everyday now. I actually don’t feel half bad on an ergometer. I’m sure I’m going to be very depressed when I finally get the okay to ride outside. Okay, that’s it from here.

This guy is adorable and needs a new home.

This guy is adorable and needs a new home.

The cat seems nearly fearless.

The cat seems nearly fearless.

This article was in the paper a couple days ago telling me just what I already know.  Click to enlarge.

This article was in the paper a couple days ago telling me just what I already know. Click to enlarge.

This is what is to come very soon.

This is what is to come very soon.

7 thoughts on “Spring in 2 Days

  1. ted


    It’s a good man who concerns himself with the welfare of animals. I’m a half a continent away, and we have two cats already, but I’m sure that little one will get a home through you being concerned and reaching out.
    And, from the sports front, having both KU and K-State with such solid teams promises some excitement in the coming weeks.
    And, finally: Best wishes for your continued recovery!

  2. The Cyclist

    Guess carbon dioxide isn’t a problem in Kansas, since the paper doesn’t mention it. Let’s burn some fields so the cattle can shit some more methane in the air. And then we all go for joy rides in our huge V8 trucks. Who cares about cyclists, ppl’s lungs and that faerie tale climate change thing. Total bullshit.

  3. Rod Lake

    Cyclist: I think your comments are pretty much bullshit. Educate yourself a little bit more about the benefits of burning pastures for wildlife, foliage, etc. Noble Foundation.org would be a good starting point. Burning is an necessary, affordable tool for landowners in rural states like Kansas. It’s a minor inconvenience to cyclists for a couple of days a year and provides long-term benefits to people, livestock and wildlife. You may also be surprised to learn that meat, chicken and fish don’t originate in the grocery store. Enjoy driving your $50,000 Volt or your $100,000 Tesla while hard-working truck-driving farmers in Kansas keep you fed.

  4. James

    Couldn’t have said it better myself Rod. It is amazing how out of touch people are with the way food is produced in this country. They think “hey, I’ll just but this package that says organic, free range and natural to help save the planet”. There will be 9 billion people on this planet by 2050. If you think there is enough arable land to adopt methods such as free range and organic farming please inform yourself.

  5. Levi Baker

    Hey Steve,
    I don’t know how to really contact any of you guys, but wanted to say thanks to Michelle Jensen for handing me a bottle as Brian was crushing me on the last lap at Hell’s Kitchen last weekend. That was pretty classy since I didn’t have any feeders. Tell them to come back down and race NWA Spring Classic Sunday if they didn’t get their fill of rough spring weather in Arkansas. Get on the mend and hopefully see your team at full strength at the races soon.
    Levi Baker


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