4 thoughts on “Milan-San Remo

  1. Daniel Russell

    On a cold, wet day like this San Remo do the riders adjust the cocktail of drugs they are taking to help with the cold? Is it immediate or delayed cortisone? Does a blood bag or amphetamines help with the cold or is it something else altogether?

  2. Calvin Jones

    What happened there maybe 12-15K to go, back in the chase. Some guy (Italian?) jumps off his bikes and runs to a stop? An issue with the front wheel maybe? No replay and no commentary, but looked odd.

    My only thought on cocktail parties is: http://youtu.be/F5JZMzI7TAI

  3. DavidA

    @Daniel, No i think on a day like today, a good old “Pot Belge” injection would have been the riders choice….Heroin,Morphine,Cocaine,Amphetimines and Steroids would have been the hot ticket.

  4. channel_zero

    Based on information available in body building forums, it would be essential to go to some far-off place where the sports federation would not send a tester and getting the samples back in a timely manner is an issue. A good example would be an “altitude camp” on Tenerife.

    The way to dope for a one-day race is to start the cycle at minimum a week or more. Given doping has moved onto peptides, I’d run a cycle of peptides that leaned me out, (modern version of Clenbuterol) and I’d always be on a non-positive IGF-15/HGH combo. This would pop my Watts/Kilo ratio and I’d be non-positive on race day.

    EPO doping is risky these days. Getting a reinfusion within three days of the event is the way to go for oxygen vector doping. Any positive signatures would very likely fall off to non-positive by race day and all the benefits of extra oxygen capabilities are there.

    Make sure to give the rider some psychoactive drugs to raise aggression and lower anxiety too. Most are not classified as PED’s.

    Of course, you could also have the UCI not testing individuals or not processing clearly positive samples. We know this happened with Armstrong’s “comeback” samples.


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